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Types of KCAP zombies

  1. Blazers – zombies that have caught fire
    1. Short-lived as they eventually burn so badly that it kills the brain
    1. Dangerous as they sometimes latch on to a victim burning victim or they can set fire to buildings and surrounding structures
    1. Typically victims of napalm, flame throwers, Molotov cocktails, etc
    1. Zombies are attracted by bright lights such as flames and will walk into flames
      1. Early attempts at burning large urban populated areas to attract and destroy zombies mildly effective
  1. Walkers
    1. Typical mobile zombie
    1. Endothermic
    1. As walkers age and further decompose, they slowly become less mobile
    1. Very old walkers will eventually decompose completely
      1. About a year or so depending on atmospheric conditions
  1. Crawlers
    1. Zombies that have lost their legs or half their body but have at least one arm to drag themselves along
    1. Most dangerous as they attack often from unexpected area
    1. Most overlooked zombie
    1. Endothermic
  1. Radiants –
    1. any type of zombie that survived a radioactive area
      1. Usually, almost always, radiants are survivors from the fringes of a nuked area but also can be from nuclear power plants or areas where there is a significant amount of radiation
      1. Zombies within lethal range of nuke detonation will be killed by radiation
      1. Significantly higher rate of survivability than humans
    1. Usually not immediately detectable from other type of zombies unless have a Geiger counter or a laser thermometer or similar device
    2. Radiation may not pose an immediate threat unless long term exposure
    1. For some reason this type of zombie is exothermic and radiates heat near 102 degrees F
    1. These zombies for some reason also move slightly faster, are more independent, and appear to be slightly “smarter” than the other types of zombies
    2. Decompose much quicker than regular walkers – life span reduced approximately in half
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