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This is a work in progress. More to come soon.

If you have suggestions for the FAQ or questions that you would like answered please leave comments for the author.

  1. Why zombies?
  2. The world that you write within, is this world like our own?
  3. Kazakh Central Asian Plague (KCAP) origins?
  4. KCAP virus epidemiology?
  5. KCAP zombie types?
  6. Why do KCAP zombies bite and eat people? Does the KCAP zombie require food?
  7. Life cycle of zombie?
  8. Do the zombies rot away or does the virus prevent the corpse from rotting?
  9. So, if you are bitten by a zombie, that is it, or is there a cure?
  10. If you are bitten by a zombie on a limb will a tourniquet prevent infection?
  11. How about removal of the limb and/or cauterization?
  12. Are some people immune to the KCAP virus?
  13. What animals can be infected with the KCAP virus?
  14. The KCAP infected cannibals, what is their life expectancy, and how do they live while being infected with the KCAP virus?
  1. Scott permalink

    When can we expect #71? It has been over a month and I am ready for more!!


    • I hope to get it posted in a week or so after school lets out for the Christmas break. I am still struggling with getting the chapter to my liking. I will not post it until I am happy with the chapter no matter how many rewrites it takes.

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