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About Me

I am retired US Army, graduate of Columbia University of Missouri, part time writer and editor. I live in the wet side of Washington state, north of Seattle a little bit.

  1. BobOK permalink

    I’m enjoying your ‘Ruth’ stories!

  2. BobOK permalink

    Great entry! I have your site bookmarked and do check back EVERYDAY for updates! You have a very good story and an engaging way of getting it out here.

    Can’t wait for more!

    Thanks again!

  3. Nancy Klune permalink

    Really like what you’re doing with your Ruth story. Thanks

  4. I’m hoping that you’ll update the FAQ section soon–I have a lot of KCAP zombie questions.

    • Thanks Ralphy for the encouragement. I am attempting to learn how to program the pages so that they would be a little more interactive. Rather than post this huge list of Q&A, I want to make it more user friendly with hot linked lists. Today’s post will explain some of the KCAP zombie attributes. If you have questions you are always welcome to ask. I might choose to answer either in a Ruth post, directly or will add it to the FAQ. You never know Ralphy your questions might be something that I have never considered for the KCAP zombies.

      • I already know I will survvie the Zombie Apocalypse because I have a full proof plan to surround myself with hordes of people that run much slower and don’t know how to defend themselves.

  5. Cat permalink

    Great story – I think good fiction like this allows the issue of Zombie apocalypse to reach a wider audience. Education and information – without an entertainment component – seems to have a stigma attached to it. Just a personal observation. Anyhoo I am bookmarking this page. Thanks, Cat

  6. Tim permalink

    I am hoping that you are doing well and am very pleased to see a new post. You had asked for input. So, here it is. Keep in mind that I am not a writer or a blogger but I do enjoy reading. I really like the story line. I believe your chapters are entirely to long. The last chapter should have been broken into 3 or 4 separate chapters. Post them once it twice per week. Give your self time to write additional chapters are so you can have a more steady posting schedule.

    • I know that my blog disobeys several of the blog “rules.” I have decided to post much larger posts for several reasons. Sure I could have broken the last few posts into much smaller posts, and therefore posted more often. I know that today with most people’s attention span as short as they are, getting someone to read a very long blog post is near impossible. I care about my readers, not so much about blog visits. High blog visit count is not one of my goals, so I will continue to post very long chapters. When I was posting shorter chapters, my blog visit count did not increase so I am not seeing the need to post shorter, more “crunchy” chapters. I also do not post for the sake of posting. I post when I have new material ready, and if that chapter happens to be 10k+ words then so be it.

      • Tim AZ permalink

        As I continue to read along I want to let you know that I am enjoying the story. The shorter chapters are much more reasonable and keep me coming back daily for more. Two suggestions. One. Add a teaser at the end of each chapter. Nothing elaborate. Maybe a shortened title. Two. Monetize your site. Maybe your doing this already and I haven’t noticed.Oh, and a third point. Don’t stop! Best of luck!

      • Thank you Tim for the encouragement. I am not sure that I am going to monetize my site just yet. I do not wish to charge people for my fiction or to access my site. I do like your idea, Tim, of a teaser at the end of the chapter. I think that I will add some teasers to the end of the next few chapters and see how it is received. I have not noticed a difference in readership whether I post very long chapters or shorter chapters. I post (unless preempted by hunting season) on Saturdays with the material I have ready.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Monetizing your site doesn’t mean you charge people to read. You add links to vendor sites. When someone clicks a link you get credit. After a pre determined number of clicks you get paid. The bad part is you junk up your site with vendor links. I followed one of your links to a recommended site and immediately hit a monetized site.

        I know you don’t care about high blog visits but it can generate a nice revenue stream.

      • I believe that some of the survivor blogs are monetized sites because they are almost all trying to sell you crap. I am thinking about monetizing the site, but for now I will pass. I write for fun and for therapy – not to make money.

  7. Write until stories done. Let chapters break where they naturally should. Just write.
    You live in a beautiful area…perfect place to allow stories to grow
    Enjoyed touring your blog

    • Thank you for the comments and encouragement. The Pacific Northwest is very beautiful. It is also one of my favorite areas to live as it rarely gets too hot or too cold. Maybe too wet but I can live with wet but not heat.

  8. Survivalistrn permalink

    I am sorry but I can’t seem to find day 1, or how to reverse the order of your entries. If you could help I would be grateful.

  9. I’ve been readings since “episode 1” and will continue so long as you write. Really enjoy the storyline. Writing it from Ruth’s perspective is very good. It adds a different flavor to the style.
    But a question please, have you taken a break from writing/posting? Seems that it’s been a while.

  10. Hi! I read your comments on Kristine Lambs article and I find them insightful and so true.I am a new writer and many times I felt lost. Would you mind giving me an insight as an editor on my writings? I only have hired grammar editor but I felt like I need someone more experienced as far as editing is concern. Thank you so much.

    • You can send me up to six pages, double spaced of your manuscript and I will give you a rough edit in about 5-7 days depending on other projects.

      • Oh Thank you! Although this is contradictory to some advice, I did published my work on wattpad, just to create readers in mind. I clink the link you have above and soem things like this appears :var pd_map={image_path:(“https:”==document.location.protocol?””:””)+”/images/ratings”};function PDRTJS_url_encode(A){return encodeURIComponent(A).replace(/\%20/g,”+”).replace(/!/g,”%21″).replace(/’/g,”%27″).replace(/\(/g,”%28″).replace(
        I have no idea what it mean. Thank you for your time.


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