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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s Story #202 On The Road Going North Near Warm Beach, WA #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

March 18, 2018

“Shack cut it out.”

Shack ceases humming and we ride in silence for a while. I am surprised that Shack is familiar enough with an old Broadway play to hum the main chorus. Dolcent thankfully appears ignorant of Shack’s tomfoolery.

Honey sits in her usual spot on top of the front bench seat between Shack and I and starts talking with Dolcent. Surprisingly Honey and Dolcent get on quite well and are quickly becoming friends. The girls talk about bathing and Honey remembers that I will need a hair trim as my braid now falling almost to the top of my thighs has a lot of split ends.

Tucked down the center of my back between my tee-shirt and shirt my braid barely pokes out from underneath my field jacket and IOTV. I admit that I am really vain about my very long hair. Touching the top of my braid I ensure that my 13” lethal hair pins are still in place. A certain 17-year-old male driver might need stabbing as well as his barely 16-year-old lover.

I am also teaching Honey driving basics, but she has not quite gotten the hang of a clutch yet. A loaded diesel truck with a clutch is a different beast. However, Honey can reach the pedals and all six gears plus reverse. Reaching fifth and sixth gears and reverse I have to stand on my toes.

Honey quickly will be taller than I am. She has grown at least four inches perhaps as much as six inches since she joined the convoy. Not sure if Honey will challenge Shack’s six feet four, but she is rapidly passing me at barely five-feet tall.

I fume all morning long. Aware of my foul mood Shack Honey and even little Monster are silent. We ride in silence until the first bio break. While the boys are in the bushes doing their thing, I confront Dolcent.

Trying to keep my anger in check I turn looking Dolcent square in the eyes.

“Dolcent, I understand that you and Shack slept together. Do you have any desire to be with him again?”

I try to keep the hurt and anger out of my voice.

“Ruth that was months ago. I met shack at a FEMA camp before he was with you. Seeing Shack here was a shock. I figured he would be dead or I’d never see him again. I wouldn’t mind him as a fuck buddy if you’re cool with it. You know a girl has needs, sometimes the fingers are just not cutting it. Ya’ gotta’ admit Shack is packing. Maybe next time it will better as he has a little more experience. I was Shack’s second lover, and he was my second lover. I am not into girls but I can be if that means I get to stay. Ruth please don’t be mad at Shack and I. It was a one time thing. Please don’t kick me out.”

Interesting Dolcent when nervous or scared gets diarrhea of the mouth. The thought that this girl wants Shack as a fuck buddy makes my blood boil. Trying to reign in my anger I give myself a few minutes.

Taking deep breaths I wait until I am calmer before replying. Despite my best efforts my anger and hurt must have crossed my face. Dolcent mistakes my silence as indecision towards her.

“Please Ruth please don’t make me leave. Tell me what I need to do. You want me to do you now? We can climb in the truck and I’ll …”

Cutting Dolcent off I yell “Shut the fuck up God is nothing but sex on your mind? Some of the boys heads pop up in their bio relief spot at my yelling. I know that the young woman is bartering with the only thing of worth she possesses – her sex.

With the shortage of women her offer would have been gladly accepted in any number of survival groups. We have heard rumors of other survivor groups only accepting young fertile women and shooting any man not already in their group.

Lowering my voice, I ask “Just because you shtupped Shack once before I was in the picture do you think that gives you claim to him? God this is all fakakta.”

The thought of this young girl’s face between my legs is not something I want to contemplate. I feel pervy just thinking of being with Dolcent. I know that I am being a hypocrite as Shack is a little over a year older than Dolcent.

I am also a little over 17 years older than Shack so it is not like I have the moral high ground. But the maturity levels between the two of them is why I am attracted to Shack while I view Dolcent as someone I need to protect.

I explain serial monogamy to Dolcent trying to let go of some of my anger. Serial monogamy has a bad reputation, as it is supposedly practiced only by people desperate never to be single. I am still mad, but surprisingly not at Dolcent. I am mad at Shack for neglecting to mention the fact that he and Dolcent had been together. I want to punch that shmegegge in the face.

“Dolcent I have told you before you do not need to and will not sleep with anybody just so that you can remain in my truck. If you do not pull your weight or do something very stupid endangering one of my charges I will toss your ass out of this truck so fast your ass will bounce on the asphalt like a beach ball.”

“Ok, if you and Shack want to be exclusive I get it. I won’t try to seduce him or anything. He’s yours.”

Dolcent appears to be thinking about what I said suddenly she throws her arms around my waist. Not expecting the sudden contact I jump startled. I feel ashamed that I am nervous about a 16-year-old girl showing affection.

“Thank you Ruth. I’m sorry for upsetting you. I can see how much Shack loves you and I am a bit jealous. You know if you want to share him I’m willing if you are. But if you ever break up I will be all over him like white on rice.”

Leaning back, still hugging Dolcent, I look at her face. She winks at me and we share a little chuckle. Could I share Shack? Would I share Shack? God above I really do not know for sure. But I do know for a fact that the thought of Shack with someone else, even someone as nice as Dolcent appears to be pisses me off.

Dolcent steps back and winks at me again. We both ignore the tears threatening an escape from our eyes. Sniffing and discreetly wiping our eyes, we wait for our bio break when the boys return. I am still angry at Shack and glare at him as he offers me our precious communal roll of TP.

As he hands me the much diminished TP roll Shack gives that smirk that I normally love so much. Right now I just want to punch that smirk off of the kurevnik’s face. Snatching the TP from Shack’s hand, I follow Dolcent with the rest of the girls to the designated women’s bio relief spot.

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