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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s Story #195 Night Watch Somewhere Near Warm Beach, WA #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

February 21, 2018

I am attempting a Wednesday and Sunday posting schedule. Not sure how long I will be able to keep it up, but I am going to give it a serious try.

Warning: incase you the missed the other warnings, Ruth’s Tale contains graphic straight and lesbian sex as well as some graphic violence.


The only time that I broke my serial monogamy rule was during Amy and my last night of vacation in Puerto Rico. After drinking far too much rum, and way too much drunk dirty dancing, Amy and I met Simone, a dusky wickedly-curvaceous bisexual Puerto Rican woman.

Amy was a far more adventurous and experienced lover. Prior to our relationship, Amy had been in an open relationship with another woman. While in college, Amy was part of a triad (also sometimes known as a thrupple) with another woman and a man.

On our third anniversary, Amy and I exchanged promise rings. My white gold promise ring has a very nice one carat solitaire diamond. My promise ring is at the bottom of my purse which is lying on the floor beside our cot. It still hurts too much to look at that ring so I keep it tucked away.

Our vacation to Puerto Rico was for Amy’s 30th birthday (Amy was a few years older than I was) during which she convinced me to have a lesbian three-way with Simone. In hindsight, had I been sober, I would not have agreed to go through with a three-way.

I vividly remember watching Simone vigorously ass fucking Amy wearing a lube-dripping, wrist-thick, purple, strap on dildo. While I rubbed her back and kissed her, Amy suffered through several screaming orgasms from the bruising, hip slapping, and root-deep ass fucking.

I am not sure how long the three of us fucked. I will always remember that time, as fucking rather than making love as our coupling was rough and aggressive lacking the gentleness of making love.

Amy eventually had me lie in front of her so she could eat me while enjoying her brutal ass fucking. Watching Amy’s face driven deep into my wet pussy each time Simone slammed into her ass was very erotic.

The force of Simone’s thrusts transferred through Amy’s body driving her face into my wet folds, her mouth trying to remain on my clit, setting off several hip bucking orgasms of my own. I am not sure how long Simone pounded poor Amy’s bruised ass. Both women were sweat drenched when Simone finally pulled out flopping on the sweat and cum-soaked bed on her side beside Amy and I.

Wrung out from incomparable mind-blowing sex plus Amy and I was still suffering the effects of far too much sweet rum, neither of us could move. Amy and I fell asleep on the bed where we lay Amy’s head still between my thighs.

Simone snuck out sometime in the early morning, leaving Amy and I passed out in the soaked, trashed, and probably ruined bed. Although we left a healthy tip for housekeeping I have a feeling that queen mattress was ruined.

That morning there were more than a few sheepish looks between Amy and I as if we could not believe we really did a threesome with a complete stranger. Amy also complained she was a bit sore, as she was so drunk that she did not realize how roughly Simone fucked her ass.

Once in a while Amy loved getting fucked in the ass. Amy’s favorite purple dildo disappeared. I always wondered if Simone kept it as a souvenir. I never did enjoy sodomy, but I had used that purple dildo on Amy, although I was always much gentler than Simone had been. If sodomy was something that my lover enjoyed I could do it for my lover, but I did not really enjoy either receiving or giving sodomy.

We were flying back home that afternoon, so we quietly showered and packed our bags. Amy and I learned that flying with a murderous hangover is not fun. As she sat on it in the airplane, I teased Amy a little about her sore bum. With our hangovers, we were glad that it is a short flight from Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport to Dulles.

I freely admit that I enjoyed my only threesome so far. Despite enjoying the threesome, for some reason I still feel guilty. Amy and I never discussed the threesome with Simone, despite talking about how much we enjoyed the other parts of the trip, such as the scuba diving. Perhaps Amy felt as guilty as I did.

I have always wondered if I would do another threesome. I have never been sure if I would do it again, but if I do I want to be sober next time. Most straight men fantasize about a threesome with two bisexual women.

Shack and I have not yet discussed sexual fantasies, and have only briefly touched on our sexual history. I have not yet told Shack of my misdeeds in Puerto Rico. Thankfully Shack likes my ass, but does not appear to want to fuck me there.

Lacking the luxury of a hot shower, and preparatory paraphernalia, today I am not interested in the kind of mess sodomy can create. I really want to avoid as the boys say “shit on a stick.”

Nikola whispering to little Stiva in Russian breaks my ruminations of the past. Nikola with his greatcoat on takes his wife’s arm and the family leaves the radio tent to Shack and I. The remainder of the night passes uneventfully. Barely staying awake, I am thankful when Ben and Randy relieve us.

Shack and I hold hands while walking from the radio tent back to our tent. Shack has been unusually affectionate tonight. I hope that he is not still insecure in our relationship. Wondering if Shack doubts my love despite him being much larger than I am, I yank him against my chest and snog him silly.

Shack and I roughly kiss bruising my lips our teeth clacking together. Over Shack’s shoulder I watch a large piece of burning debris fall from the sky. I assume it is more space junk falling from orbit. Shack and I watch as smaller pieces fall off of the larger piece, burning brightly for a little while after they separate from the larger flaming debris.

The fiery probably man-made comet burns across the sky until Shack and I see impact flashes on the horizon. Whatever that flaming object was it hit hard as we feel slight ground tremors later.

Shack and I spoon in bed with me pressed against his chest, his arms wrapped around me. We are too tired for sex again, although the thought is nice. My sex is still damp from our earlier loving. Shack falls asleep first and I follow only a little later.

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