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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s Story #194 Camped At Night Somewhere Near Warm Beach, WA #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

February 18, 2018

I try keeping these Ruth posts about a 1,000 words each. Tell me what you think. Is 1k of words too much or too little?


Sliding underneath the covers I press my cold body against a very warm Shack. Lying on his back, I fit perfectly underneath Shack’s right arm. Shack’s right hand slides lightly down my back, grabbing my ass gently over my panties.

Shack’s fingers slide underneath the waistband gently tracing the crack of my ass. Sliding my left hand down Shack’s abdomen I slowly trace the flat plane of his toned stomach.

A little lower I discover Shack is already naked and hard. Shack gently rolls me over so that I am lying on my back. Kissing me gently, Shack slides my tee-shirt up so that it pools around my neck so that he can gently suck on my nipples.

Shack knows that I have always been self-conscious about my lack of breasts. I am so small that I do not need to wear a bra, failing what the lads call a “pencil test.” My breasts are too small to trap a pencil underneath.

Shack knows that my nipples are sensitive; my back arches when he takes one in his mouth sucking gently. Despite his youth Shack is a generous and caring lover. After teasing my stomach, Shack gently pulls my panties off past my ankles, tossing them somewhere over his shoulder.

Laying his head between my legs Shack gently spreads my wet folds with his thumbs. Shack loves oral sex, once telling me that there is something profoundly erotic and arousing feeling a woman come against his mouth and lips. I agreed with him.

Shack’s love for oral sex began the first time he did it to a former girlfriend. With me Shack’s talented tongue has gotten better. Shack learned and listened going from impatient youth who just wanted to get me wet enough so I could receive him. Like most young men Shack wanted to get in and come as soon as possible.

Shack eats me through three very nice orgasms. While recovering from my last orgasm, Shack puts my legs on his shoulders, sliding slowly inside of me. Shack knows that I get tighter after oral, so he watches my face for any signs of discomfort.

I am wet enough that Shack is able to sink to the root on his first stroke. Putting his thumb on my clit and rubbing gently the way he knows I like, Shack slowly strokes gently and deeply hilting himself each time. As the stars go off while I am pinned to our cot, I lose count of my orgasms.

As Shack nears his own orgasm he bends me over with my legs still on his shoulders until we can kiss. Now that I am practicing yoga again, I have regained most of my old flexibility. My being leaner now also helps when my boyfriend wants to make a human pretzel. Bent nearly in half, Shack groans while kissing me and I feel him shooting deep inside.

Shack’s orgasm sets off another smaller one for me as we cuddle; gently falling asleep wrapped in each others arms. I sleep blissfully wrapped around Shack until a rude alarm on my watch wakes us.

Stepping into the radio tent, I see Nikola (author’s mea culpa note: I’ve been misspelling his first name, this is the proper Russian spelling) working on the guts of a AN/PRC-117F/G radio.

“Nick (I refuse to call a grown man Nicky), how are you familiar with the guts of that radio,” I ask.

His English is getting better, but in his still thick Russian accent, Nikola replies, “Russia have several copies of radio, studied them at school of Spetsnaz. First tour of Afghanistan maternal grandfather sent as Spetsnaz officer of intelligence to PGU KGB seconded. Grandfather talked drunk of earlier versions of radio, much admired by Soviet forces. This radio basket of parts keep other radio alive.”

The infamous Soviet KGB needs no explanation, but the PGU (Pervoye Glavnoye Upravleniye) branch is less famous than it deserves. The First Chief Directorate of the KGB was responsible for many of the evils blamed on the whole of the KGB.

Shrugging, I turn to Carol, who has finished nursing little Stiva. “Carol, I thought you and Nikola had the early morning watch,” I ask turning to the redhead putting on her coat, covering her massive milk-inflated tits.

“Nikola and I swapped with Ben and Randy, who now have the morning watch instead of us,” she replies. Since Randy broke his foot, and is on light duty Sutton is paired with another sniper.

“Why did you swap? You traded a full night of uninterrupted sleep for what?”

Carol blushes a deep red, highlighting the riot of freckles across her cheeks. “Well, you know Ruth when I don’t have morning sickness; I have this really sexy husband …”

If possible Carol blushes even darker while swaddling a sleeping Stiva. Once finished mummifying the sleeping tyke, Carol stands shrugging at me.

“I can only drink so much mint tea for my weak stomach. Brenda says my nausea can be eased with ginger, but we seem to be fresh out. My indigestion could be fixed with peppermint tea and licorice root tea, but we seem to be out of those too.”

Stepping close to Carol so our boys cannot hear I ask her, “Is it for your headaches?” Carol suffered badly from migraines. After Nikola and Carol got together, she used sex therapy for relief. After an orgasm (or a few) Carol’s migraines lessened.

Carol sighs, “Not since having little Stiva, my headaches have gone away.” Putting a hand on her still flat belly, she says, “I hope my migraines don’t come back with this new baby.”

Carol breaks open an MRE chocolate and cinnamon granola bar, quickly eating the treat. Nursing mothers must increase their caloric intake by double or triple. Mothers will be breast-feeding until their children are at least two or three years old.

Nikola wears his post-Soviet Russian Federation tight wife-beater style tee-shirt with horizontal white and blue lines. The tight cotton shirt displays Nikola’s impressive physique. His dark green trousers are less flattering, which is a shame because the man’s ass is absolutely scrumptious.

Nikola might not be as tall as my Shack, but is broader in the chest with thicker arms. Shack has a swimmer’s physique, while Nikola’s body resembles that of a weightlifter. I may be in a committed relationship with Shack, but that does not mean I cannot enjoy looking at other men, and the occasional beautiful woman. I am monogamous not dead.

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