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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s Story #193 Camped Somewhere Near Warm Beach, WA #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

February 11, 2018

Shack, I think is a little jealous and perhaps not as secure in our relationship as I thought. I have never had the “relationship talk” with him, perhaps it is time. I practice serial monogamy, and I expect my lovers to do so as well. Amy and I did stray from that ideal once, or alright, several times while on vacation in Puerto Rico. But that was a special case.

The rest of the day passes uneventfully. Night finds the convoy camped in an old religious retreat compound off the side of the road. The ruins of several burnt out buildings surround the convoy camp. Light and noise discipline is strictly enforced.

The few zombies wandering around this old retreat succumb to a few quiet strikes with a hatchet, a machete or other silent killing tool. One of the poor finally dead zombies still had a bible clutched in his left hand. Tossing the zombie corpses off the cliff into the bay solves disposal issues.

Dinner tonight is an interesting stew mix of meat, canned veggies and found beans. Rumor has it that some of the Scouts shot a couple of deer explaining the sudden influx of fresh meat. Rumor also has it that a couple of Scouts might also get themselves shot for trying to keep a deer for themselves rather than turn it in to the convoy.

Walking into Doc’s tent reveals that he misplaced his clothes. He’s standing naked in front of a large full length mirror. Not that I wanted to but I see that Doc is circumcised. Did not think about it before, but I wonder if all Cistercian Christians circumcise their kids.

“Uh, Doc clothes,” I mutter.

Doc does not seem to care the least that he is parading around with nothing on. I am a little embarrassed, but I admit that Doc has a decent body. Everyone is a lot leaner than we used to be before KCAP, so Doc’s muscles are clearly defined.

“Ruth didn’t peg you for a prude,” Doc replies.

“Uh, no but, did not expect walking in here that I would see you prancing before a mirror like a virgin going to her first prom.”

Doc slips on a pair of pants, but does not bother with any other clothing.

“Happy,” he looks at me with open innocent eyes.

“Yeah, whatever,” I so eloquently reply.

“Ruth I was not vainly looking at my sexy body. I noticed that KCAP removed all of my skin tags. I used to have quite a few skin tags underneath my arms and in between my legs. I wouldn’t have thought that KCAP would bother removing skin tags.”

“I do not know Doc, you are the expert,” I reply.

“What brought you in here Ruth,” Doc asks.

“I was headed to bed since I have the early morning radio watch. The Colonel asked me to tell you that those illicit stills that he is not supposed to know about have produced their first batch. He wanted you to go check the product out. Either we drink it or run it in the trucks, he said.”

Doc scratches his head. “I’ll head over to the trucks with the stills. You wouldn’t think that they could produce anything drinkable as much as they shake all day.”

I toss an offhand wave at Doc as I head for our tent. Nicky and Carol have the first radio watch Ben and Randy have the mid watch. Shack and I pulled the morning watch which means we get a full six hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Entering our tent Shack is already lying covered in our cot. Good, that means our damn sleeping bags and blankets will be a little warmer. I hate climbing into a cold bed. I pull a men’s small US Army issue tee-shirt and a fresh pair of panties out of my gear bag.

Today is not our bath day. I strip off and using a little water from one of my canteens, I use my tee-shirt from today to wipe off a bit. Pits, tits (of what little I have) and crotch receive a brief but damned cold scrub. Not as clean as I would like, but will have to do. What I would give for a decadent long hot shower.

Sitting on the edge of our cot, I dress in a pair of panties that before KCAP I would have called “granny panties” and would not have been seen unless dead in them. They are not the silk, French-cut panties that I preferred. I never did care for thong underwear butt floss is not comfortable for long wear.

Both Amy and I enjoyed lingerie shopping both together and alone as a surprise to each other. I would wear thong underwear briefly for Amy’s arousal, not that it took all that much. She liked removing my thong underwear with her teeth, but only after she teased me for a bit.

I see that my old purse fell out of my gear bag when I removed the sleep wear that I am wearing. I open my old purse, wondering why I still bother dragging this stupid thing with me. What the fuck do I need an $800 purse during a zombie apocalypse.

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