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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s Story #164 Leaving Kayak Point #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

September 21, 2015

The rest of the meeting covered evacuation orders. Sam and Doc are concerned with the possibility of a Dunkirk-like disaster. With our backs against the bay, a Dunkirk-like disaster is a possibility.

Scarecrow and Lady escaped from Kayak Point killing two of our guards and slipping through the barricade. Both are obviously infected, so the elder Rogers (I refuse to think of him as Shack’s father) will not accept them back in his company.

From the guards who were too far away to help it as Scarecrow and Lady slipped through the barricade it appears that Scarecrow was badly injured in helo crash, with Lady breaking both of her legs. Only KCAP infection would have let them heal fast enough to escape from Kayak Point.

Despite being infected, the guards describe Lady as still beautiful, while Scarecrow is his usual cadaverous self. The fact that Lady and Scarecrow are half-brother and sister (same mother different fathers, I am told), did not prevent them from being lovers.

We do not know who Scarecrow and Lady will join next, but they seem to find the least-desirable people. Shit attracts more shit, so I am sure the pair will join some other infected group. We need to be gone before the pair can return with reinforcements.

Our enemy has access to airborne weaponry and the ability to capitalize on a weakness of our defense. Until now the convoy has not been concerned with airborne threats, as most of the infected do not fly armed aircraft.

Brenda and her family along with her bees and all of the animals are the first to be evacuated from Kayak Point. Most of the local tribal members have a compound to the south of Kayak Point in an old tribal administration building on a hill.

Taking the lessons learned from the barricade around Kayak Point, the tribal elders are reinforcing the barricade around the tribal administration building. Brisk trading between the tribes and the convoy has significantly increased the tribe’s weaponry including crew-served heavy machine guns.

The convoy has always had plenty of weapons and ammo but not enough hands to use those weapons. With food more of a pressing concern as the convoy moves north, trading some of the surplus weapons and ammo to the tribes for food makes sense.

The next few days are a blur of activity as Kayak Point is evacuated in a hurry. Brenda whined about not getting enough of the lye from the ashes before her husband’s shoved her pregnant ass on to an old 125 foot long commercial crabbing boat owned by the Hibulb tribe.

The convoy lost and gained members as couples formed. Whenever you have a large number of single personnel, there are bound to be coupling. There are teary partings as people separate probably to never see each other again.

We even traded with the bunch of infected living in the old beach houses north of Kayak Point. After Lady and Scarecrow slipped out of Kayak Point, relations with the infected were rather frosty.

Our trucks are loaded and as quickly as possible the convoy moves away from Kayak Point. Doc his H&K UMP with a 25 round magazine inserted bouncing on his back directs traffic up the hill away from the water.

As I pass Doc in our old Dodge truck, I notice that Doc’s UMP has a four-position fire selector –   safe, 2-round burst, and full auto. I still wonder where Doc the old H&K gun as the UMPs were never that popular.

Our old Dodge truck we affectionally call “Rolling Smokey” is manned with the usual suspects. I drive while Honey takes the passenger seat, replacing Shack who is still in hospital. LM sits on the bench seat between Honey and I, playing with some Legos. LM also wears an OD green paracord survival bracelet with P-38 can opener, handcuff key, fishing line, weights and fishing hooks on his right wrist.

Honey and I got to check on Shack as he was loaded into one of the HEMTTs with the other medical gear. Riding along with Shack is the wounded raider who, despite raging infection in his hip from the amputated leg, is still alive. Shackled to the HEMTT like a dog, the wounded raider and Shack are the only non-movable injured we have in the convoy.

Doc does not want to risk breaking any of Shack’s barely healed bones so the poor boy is strapped tightly to a gurney. I got to see Shack for a little while before they loaded him on to the HEMTT. He is still in a lot of pain and loopy from the pain meds. Shack has been given OxyContin, Roxiprin, and Percocet as well as Morphine.

It feels good to be moving again. Kayak Point was too crowded. With so many people crammed into such a small area, disease was a possibility as well as sanitary issues.

I do not know where this Anacortes is, but I understand it is on the way to Whidbey Island. I just need to follow the colonel’s station wagon.

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