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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #147 Stopping for lunch beside Lake Ki #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

May 10, 2015

Back to the past with the convoy en route to Kayak Point …

Despite the small amount of chaos Doc’s disappearance causes, no zombies came to investigate. After a few minutes Doc appears from out of the blackberry thickets like a gray ghost clutching flapping chickens in each fist.

“Chickens,” Doc announces, proud of himself. As if we did not know what a chicken is. Holding the frantically wing flapping fowl upside down by the legs, he hoists them overhead displaying his bounty and prowess for everyone.

“Get in the damn car,” Sam, I believe, yells at him.

Cramming the chickens into a wire cage, handily provided by Brenda and one of her husbands, the chickens are strapped to the top of the colonel’s VW station wagon. The fowl should survive long enough for us to butcher them at Kayak Point.

I am surprised to see that Brenda and her husbands are with the convoy. I would not think that Brenda and her family would leave the Adventist village after all the work she did there. After the fowl are properly secured, our convoy gets moving again.

After a detour down a winding gravel road, we stop a little after noon beside a small private lake, with thick forest all-around of us. We are on the top of a small hill overlooking the lake. With the lake to our back, and the forest in front, it is a fairly well defensible spot.

Our laager forms a semicircle around the beach forming a defensible area within. Some of the lads break out small plastic kayaks and try their luck fishing. Eventually the lads give up or the bite must have been slow because they started dropping old concussion grenades.

Using large dip nets, the lads scoop up several fish, piling them on the beach. Brenda and her husbands direct a factory line, cleaning fish and separating the white fish from the salmonids. I do not particularly like fish, but I am willing to eat it now as it is something different.

Brenda explains that at Kayak Point, she is going to direct the construction of fish drying and smoking racks. I watch while the crew assembled by Brenda makes quick work of a pile of fish. Brenda, covered to her elbows in fish blood and scales, describes to me the species as she works.

Most of the fish recovered from little Lake Ki are rainbow trout. There are also quite a few yellow perch and smallmouth bass along with just a few black crappie. Brenda’s crew makes short work of the pile of fish. After tossing the fish carcasses into the forest to the south, Brenda and her husbands with most of their crew strip, and go skinning dipping in the freezing waters of the small lake.

While Brenda, her family and crew are skinny dipping, the cooks deep fry the white fleshed fish while frying the trout in large cast iron skillets. There are no French fries or hushpuppies to go with the fried fish, but the meal is satisfying and is different from what we have been eating. There are several MRE snacks to be had, for those so inclined.

The cooks did a good job breading the fish and even got some spice in the mix. Shack picked us a spot on a flat rock near the shore line. He set three six packs of Bud Light in the water to cool while we ate our hot fish. Honey and LM joined us, their plates piled high with fish.

Shack, Honey, LM and I lay in the sun shine on the grass after we eat, sipping beer. I am sure there is a special place in hell for someone who gives a six-month old baby beer. LM does not appreciate the taste of beer making a horrible face at the first sip. Honey takes the beer from LM, giving him another OD green canteen with something he likes better. LM wanders off to go play in the water on the rocky beach sipping from the canteen.

Honey does not care for the taste of beer either, leaving Shack and I to drink most of it. Drinking more than I have in a long while, I am a little buzzed when Shack suddenly leans over and snogs me good, long and hard. His callused hand sneaks up my shirt underneath my field coat and gently thumbs and pinches my left nipple. My nipple immediately hardens.

Pulling Shack hard against me, we begin giggling like naughty school kids. Honey rolls her eyes at us while she watches LM play in the gravel on the beach. Kissing furiously, no words are needed as Shack leads me into the thick shade underneath the trees.

We are not the only couple to have some afternoon delight, as I see Brenda with both of her husbands, as well as Rick and the Princess in the shoadow of the trees. Minding our own business, Shack and I strip our jackets off.

We quickly but quietly make love lying on our jackets. Afterwards, lying half-dressed on our coats holding hands with Shack while my heart rate settles down near normal, Shack kisses the top of my head. I am tempted to take a nap, but I know that we will be moving out soon. I hear the cooks finish cleaning and someone extinguishing the fires. I can hear someone (I assume it is the cooks) talking about filtering the used cooking oil so that it can be burnt as fuel in the trucks. Filtering the oil while it is still hot is best and wastes less fuel.

I nudge Shack, who gives me that one eyebrow raised look of his that I love so much. “No, you horny buck, we need to get going,” I tell him slapping him lightly on the abs.

“I am going,” he replies.

“Huh,” is my response. Until I slide my hand down to his groin finding him hard, pulsing and still damp from me. Oh, to be almost 18 again. The stamina of youth. “Geeze, you are incorrigible.” God! I am a dirty old woman sleeping with a boy nearly 15 years my junior.

“Hard and fast then,” I whisper straddling him. His smooth, hard length slides into me with ease. I am still wet from our previous lovemaking. Flexing his abs and thick legs, Shack slams himself rapidly to the hilt. Grasping my shoulders, he pulls me down upon his chest. Kissing me furiously, Shack grunts into my mouth. He tastes like cheap beer and fish, but I do not care at the moment as I near orgasm.

Our wet flesh makes obscene sounds that I am sure everyone on the lake can hear as we smack together. I am beyond caring as Shack comes just before I do. Feeling him pulsing inside of me, I flop upon his chest, spent.

“Something is coming.” I whip up my head seeing Honey close enough to touch kneeling beside us. Seemingly unconcerned with either our nudity or what we were just doing, Honey has an odd look on her face. Fuck! How long has she been there? Shack and I scramble for our clothes, as warning shouts ring out in the laager.

Turning my head, in the sunshine on the lake shore I can see LM staring into the water. The look on LM’s face is hard to describe.

We see several large eddies swirling in the water obviously caused by something large moving underneath the water.

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