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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #138 Developments within the compound #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WCS

March 9, 2015

Our nightly watch in the radio room is routinely boring. Honey did not join us on the first night, but on the second night she did. With Little Monster in tow (not a better name than Thing 1), Honey is now part of the night radio watch.

I was worried that keeping Little Monster (which we have abbreviated to LM, in the manner of the Americans) occupied during the night would be impossible. LM does not appear to be effected by the change of routine and as long as he is with Honey offers no difficulty.

However, LM is quite fascinated by the radio equipment. I was stunned watching as LM does chin ups on the edge of the table so that he could see the radio gear. Doc says that LM and the other infected quickly lost almost all body fat and that they develop approximately 50% more muscle than normal, non-infected people.

From autopsies done on stage three infected, Doc states that the muscles of the infected are unusually compact, more resilient and have more than twice the connection points to the skeleton. Doc posits that the infected muscles burn more calories, but seem not to produce as much lactic acid.

Whatever their abilities the infected, I have to admit, give me the creeps. Already out of diapers, and using the latrine on his own LM is frightening because of how fast he is developing. His “normal” brother is still in diapers, and has just recently beginning to crawl. LM runs all over the compound, his little pudgy feet hardened so that he does not need shoes.

Honey now with Little Monster, still sleeps in our tent. Doc still tends to the medical needs of the community. Somehow word spread that we have an actual doctor in the compound.

News of our barter system, as well as the fact of our medical abilities has spread to the local area. We were surprised to learn that there are several other small communities around the area. These communities have to be self-sufficient. But even the most self-sufficient community will sometimes need help from the outside.

It is refreshing to learn that there are other survivor communities. We have also received travelling survivors; mostly heading north who brave the zombies and cannibals to reach our doctor, no matter that he is infected. His appearance gives some a startle, but despite his black teeth and nails, he still tends to the sick and hurt.

We have established trade for medical services. Ammo, TP, and food are the three most common items we accept trade. I swear that .22 long rifle ammo; TP and Twinkies are becoming the currency of this new world. We have also accepted weapons, survival gear, and various good batteries.

With the traffic we also get sporadic news. Talking to the survivors that come to our compound seeking medical attention, we have learned that the cities are wastelands full of the dead and dying. Hordes of infected infest the major cities, and all services have broken down.

Some of the sick either passing us heading north, or coming to seek medical care display signs of the horrible disease cancrum oris also known as noma. I have never seen anyone suffering from noma outside of sub-Saharan Africa. Doc explained that noma is an ancient disease known to both Galen and Hippocrates.

As I was suffering from a monologue lecture from Doc, he went on to explain that noma was once common around the world in both Europe and the US. Mostly eradicated in developed nations since the 20th century, noma was mostly an African-only disease.

Jews have an unfortunate history with noma. As a Jew, I am all too familiar with noma. Any Jew knows that during the Holocaust noma was endemic to the Auschwitz and Belsen concentration camps. Josef Mengele ordered Berthold Epstein, a Czech physician and forced-labor prisoner, to study noma and its treatments.

Mengele had Epstein to infect healthy people with noma, mostly Jewish children. Around 3,000 people at Auschwitz, mostly Jews, died because of Mengele’s fascination with noma. Doc speculates that even the healing ability of the KCAP virus is not able to overcome noma.

Some have refused to be seen by Doc because of his condition, but others do not seem to care needing the care of a doctor no matter if he is sick as well. Doc speculates that the infected may become the dominant species on the planet.

While we refer to them as zombies, the infected are not truly dead. Yes, they died as a human, but the virus within that dead corpse colonized the corpse giving it purpose. We are unsure if the infected are self-aware, or is just a large viral colony seeking to spread the virus.

Both Honey and Doc report a near incessant hunger, especially for red meat. Doc believes the virus craves iron as the hardened nails, bones and teeth require large amounts of iron. By hardening and improving the host, the virus ensures that the host survives long enough to spread the virus.

After yoga and Krav Maga practice, I walk Honey and LM to our tent for our last night in a tent. Shack has gone off on some personal errand. Tomorrow, the last tent in the compound, ours, gets broken down, cleaned and stored in my old Dodge truck.

We will move into the new cinderblock bunk house tomorrow. Finding myself alone and not yet ready to sleep, I walk over to the hospital. One of the heaviest reinforced buildings and one that is always guarded, the hospital is an imposing sight. We have taken to calling the hospital building the Alamo, which is a horrible name, because everyone died at that historic battle.

I understand the reference though and why the company feels that way about the hospital. The new cinder block and timber shelter that houses the infirmary and hospital is no beauty of engineering. The recycled windows, and roughhewn lumber may not be pretty but it is very stout and designed to withstand attack.

Surrounded by triple concertina wire barricades, and a well-marked mine field the hospital is a formidable sight. With its firing slits and fire lane cards by the doors, the hospital which protects our precious drug and antibiotic supply is going to be costly for an attacker to take. Several Russian SG-43 Goryunov medium machine guns are stored in the hospital along with other weapons.

While our humble hospital may not be on par with ones prior to the KCAP pandemic, it is better than what we had before. We raided several abandoned FEMA camps nearby so there was plenty of medical gear for stocking both our supplies and the Adventists. Our raids also gave us enough of some medical supplies for barter. Such as that has been.

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