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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #131 New Russian weapons and prep for battle #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

January 16, 2015

When Shack and I relieved Carol, Nikola, and Nguen with little Stiva in his basket in the radio tent, they confirmed that they intercepted many coded radio messages. No one knows who sends the coded messages. Shack, Honey and I throughout the night listened to the coded messages.

Honey is feeling poorly, and is bleeding again. She is worried about her baby. Despite Honey feeling out of sorts, she was able to take her turns cranking the charging handles. I appreciated her help, as I desperately despise cranking the charging handles.

After the day crew relieved us, we grabbed some breakfast and promptly dropped into our bedrolls. Shack and I lay awake until we heard Honey snoring. We gently and quietly made love falling asleep afterwards.

Poor Shack had to get up early this afternoon. Nikola and some of the other Spets lads along with Shack, Longfeather and the other Ranger-tabbed soldiers teach our Scouts and new recruits from the various groups. Dealing with creatures attracted to noise, tactics taught kill without noise. I still teach Krav Maga, but Shack and Honey are my only pupils. Honey, Princess and I still practice yoga.

The Russians, several of who are remaining behind when the Convoy leaves, have been very generous giving several silenced weapons to both our soldiers and the Adventists. Nikola gave and then taught Shack how to use a PSS Vul (Wool in English) silent pistol. PSS Vul with magazine and ammo

Honey received an ancient MSP Groza (Russian for “thunderstorm”) silent pistol. The old Groza is a double-barrel, derringer-type firearm designed in 1972 by the former Soviet Union. Long out of production, the little Groza was once a favorite clandestine tool of the Spetsnaz and KGB.

I have only seen pictures of Groza pistols. From my studies and service experience, I knew that Groza pistols were used in Central America during the Cold War. Last time that I recalled hearing of Groza pistols was during the American Second Afghanistan conflict where several American service men were killed by Mujahideen using ex-Soviet Groza pistols.

MSP Groza pistol with ammo



Carol now carries a OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver in a shoulder holster in a generic black nylon holster. The bulky and rather unwieldy silent revolver rides butt first under her left arm. Another pistol that I am only passingly familiar with, the Stechkin silent revolver I have read about in books.

The newest of all the silent weapons given away by the Russians, the Stechkin revolver should not be confused with Nikola’s Stechkin APB (Avtomaticheskij Pistolet Besshumnyj) made by the same company. Nikola and most of the Spets lads love the older APB pistol despite newer and supposedly better pistols released by Russia.



NRS-2 with ammoNikola has added a black slip on rubber padded grip sleeve to his APB, but otherwise keeps it as it was issued to him when he served Mother Russia. I know that there is no shortage of 9×18mm Makarov ammo but I wonder how much of the quiet special purpose ammo the Russians were able to bring with them.

Before the KCAP pandemic and the zombie apocalypse, 9×18mm Makarov ammo was prevalent loaded by several American ammo companies. As far as I know, no one other than the Soviet Union and then the Russian Federation loaded SP ammo as used by Honey’s Groza, Shack’s NRS-2 knife, Carol’s Stechkin revolver, and Shack’s Vul.

I know that Nikola gave Honey and Shack two, 20 round boxes each of the SP ammo. With no way of reloading the SP ammo or making our own substitute ammo, the Russian SP ammo and their pistols are regulated to emergency or clandestine necessity only.

Shack likes his little Russian Vul pistol which reminds him of an overgrown Walther PPK. Shack searches for a rubber padded sleeve similar to what Nikola placed on his Stechkin for his Vul pistol but otherwise left it as it was given to him by Nikola.

Shack has to be careful that he does not lose the Vul six round magazine. Vul magazines are impossible to replace. Unfortunately, the Russians did not grab any spare Vul magazines when they fled Russia. I hope that the sudden Russian largess does not portend something awful.

Shack also received a Russian NRS-2 (Special Scout Knife) from Nikola with a full accessory kit. Shack received two boxes of 20 cartridges each of the special purpose ammo SP-3, and SP-4. With the weighted insert replacing the firing mechanism and barrel, Shack is not yet as good as Nikola at throwing the large Russian knife.

Nikola’s skill throwing the NRS-2 knife was displayed when, defying all odds, a lone male zombie wandered into the camp. Miraculously missing all the mines, tangle foot traps, and guards the lone zombie shuffled into the main courtyard.

Dressed in the remains of a leather jacket and other biker attire, the zombie looked somewhat confused. Minus one foot, the zombie had a lurching gait. Nikola exiting the dining hall with his family in tow, saw the shuffling zombie just as Shack and I exited the dining hall with Honey following behind.

“Oh, fuck!” Honey’s appropriately yelled upon spying the zombie in the courtyard. At Honey’s outburst biker zombie spun towards our group revealing one side of his face and neck is hideously burnt. Biker zombie reached out towards our group with both hands.

Reaching for us I noticed that biker zombie was missing several fingers as well as most of the meat from his arms and hands. Slapping for my Hi-Power on my hip, while Shack reaches for his Serbu shotgun pistol, without thought we all scatter giving room for weapons deployment.

Nikola however beat us all to the shot. Tossing his NRS-2 knife with an almost casual underhand cross-body flip from his left side, the large heavy-bladed knife sank to the hilt in biker zombie’s left eye.

Dropping his arms, biker zombie looked confused for a second his lone eye blinking attempting to focus upon the strange thing that suddenly appeared in his face. Honey and I as well as several other people were stunned into inactivity by the fact that the zombie was still alive despite the large knife buried in its head.

Biker zombie’s arms started reaching up for the knife handle when a thunderous ear-shattering boom startles us all. Shack’s Serbu obliterated biker zombie’s head in a chunky cloud of hair, bone bits, brain chunks and black blood.

“Oh, fucking yuck!” Queen of the obvious, Honey remarked.

Shack cranked the small vertical handle on the Serbu chambering another round of Rhodesian jungle load. Ejecting the smoking, slightly transparent shotgun hull, Shack looks around at the gathered crowd. Shack joined by Nikola walk the four steps or so to the zombie’s corpse.

Shack prods biker zombie’s headless corpse with his boot tip while Nikola searches for his knife. Nikola finally finds his bloody knife lying in the snow piled against the side of what eventually will be the Adventist’s central armory. Picking up the dripping knife, Nikola wipes it on the snow. The blade must not have been sufficiently clean as then he repeats wiping the knife blade on the zombie’s corpse.

After Nikola is satisfied the knife is sufficiently clean, he pulls a small dented can of 3-in-1 oil from his pocket lightly oiling the blade he inspects it for damage. “Forget remove firing mechanism,” he mumbles while looking at the knife. Sheathing the knife back on his left leg Nikola gathers his family and leaves.

Looking at Shack I see that he has opted to carry the large Russian knife in the American manner strapped vertically, handle down on the left side of his LBV. I noticed that many of the American SF trained men carried large bladed knives in this fashion. Longfeather carries a Vietnam era Marine KaBar knife in the same manner.

Nikola only commented once on Shack’s choice of place to carry the Russian knife. Nikola mentioned that it would be hell to undo all of that 550 paracord in order to be able to use the wire cutters installed on the tip of the knife sheath.

Like two unstoppable armies, our forces prepare to do battle with the opposing force led by the elder Rogers. Showdown should be tomorrow afternoon if all goes according to plan.

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    next chapter should be exciting, i.e. father vs son.

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