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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #126 Cat fight in the bath – Honey, sex and the pregnant teen #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

December 12, 2014

A few days passed since I last wrote in my journal. Shack and I had a huge fight the worst since we have been together. It all started with an innocuous comment during lady’s shower day.

Sitting wrapped in my threadbare towels on the bench while Honey braids my hair I let my mind wander. My hands resting in my lap hold my lethal hair pins. At the time, for some reason I remembered back to the days when I worked as an occasional assassin for the Mossad.

For certain missions, I coated my hair pins with a rather nasty lethal toxin derived from the poison of the marbled cone snail. An artificially enhanced quick-acting poison that killed by paralyzing the diaphragm, the poison quickly dissipated in the victim’s body.

Lost in thoughts of the past, I am grateful for Honey’s silence. She stands behind me, her naked body steaming in the slightly warm air inside the tent. Honey’s hairless alabaster white body is corded with wiry muscle.

I am grateful that the thick canvas walls of the bath tent keep some heat. The colder weather blanketed all the mountains surrounding this valley with snow. We have snow drifts around all the tents and in the shadowy areas. Sleet and hail remain frequent although the cobalt blue lightning is not nearly as frequent as it was a few months ago.

Honey joined our radio tent crew relieving Nikola and Carol as they adjust to parenthood. My constant shadow Honey is never far from my side. Although Shack shares my bed, he cannot join me in the bath when it is the ladies’ day.

The best Krav Maga pupil I have ever taught, her strength, and speed are frightening. Honey’s flexibility and stamina are incredible. I hate to admit it, but she is much better at Krav Maga than Shack is.

Previously Honey mentioned that she misses having hair. She enjoys braiding my hair helping me wash it and put it back in my traditional braid the tip of my braid still touches the bottom of my ass cheeks. The first time Honey assisted taking down my hair she expressed amazement that when loose my hair reaches nearly to my ankles.

Enjoying the gentle strength of Honey’s hands as she brushes and braids my hair, lost in my memories, I jump when Adela loudly mentions Rain’s pregnancy.

The gossiping women speculate who might be the father. I sigh at their cattiness. Adela is a mousy, loud brunette with a face like a donkey and a disposition worthy of her face. A recent arrival at the camp, Adela has yet to find her place among the Adventists other than leading a gossip ring.

“Who gives a fuck,” I respond hotly to Adela. Honey and I dress quickly, tossing our wet towels over our shoulders. We head for the exit our backs to the catty bitches.

“Well, it’s not like you lack for companionship,” Adela responds to my back. “Shack told me you go both ways.” I flinch at the woman’s words. Out of the corner of my eye I see Honey tense.

I pat Honey’s hand letting her know that it is ok. I actually hear her growl low in her throat like an animal warning its enemy. Honey bares her teeth; her black teeth contrasting starkly with her alabaster skin. She and I are close, but I would not have expected her to come to my defense.

Stung by Adela’s words hurt by Shack’s betrayal of my trust, I nod towards the exit, Honey understands my gesture. Leaving, I hear Adela loudly mention that I am probably sleeping with the bald but beautifully pregnant young woman.

Before I can even turn around and respond, Honey leaps upon Adela. Flipping Adela over her shoulder as if she weighed nothing, Honey slams the woman so hard to the ground it knocks the wind out of Adela with gusty whoosh.

Before the stunned woman can regain her breath or even scream, Honey has the tip of her knife pressed underneath Adela’s right eye. Holding her knife with her right hand, Honey’s left hand firmly grasps Adela’s chin tightly not permitting the frightened woman to look away.

“Ruth’s my friend not my lover. But even if she was it’s none of your damned business. You insult Ruth again I will tear out your beating fucking heart and eat it before your eyes.”

A small drop of blood wells up underneath the tip of Honey’s knife. She licks the drop of blood off of the quivering woman’s face. Slowly and sensually licking her knife blade clean Honey maintains eye contact with the scared woman. Putting her knife away, Honey looks up at me and smiles.

Honey skips through the utterly silent bath tent joining me at the door. Leaving a quaking Adela lying on the floor, Honey acts as if nothing happened. As shocked as I am by Honey’s actions, I am still very pissed at Shack.

When I get into our tent, Shack and I have a grand screaming match. I know that Shack probably did not intend anything, but he should not have told Adela that I am bi.

Shack shrugs his shoulders at me. “I didn’t think you would care,” he shouts at me.

“I usually would not care! I prefer to tell someone myself! And not some fucking stranger who has only been in the camp a few days!”

Incredibly pissed at Shack, I join Honey in her bedroll, curling against her warm naked back. I thought that Honey was asleep until she squeezed my hand. I eventually fall asleep, holding Honey closely wrapped in my arms.

I awake in the morning drenched in sweat. Damn I thought sleeping with Shack was warm, Honey is a small furnace. I realize with some embarrassment that my left hand holds Honey’s breast the nipple hard underneath my fingers. I try to remove my hand from the warmth of her breast.

As my hand moves slightly, her nipple hardens some more at my hand’s movement. Honey groans deeply. Embarrassed I hold still. Her voice husky Honey moans again moving faster.

I suddenly realize that Honey has thrown her smooth bare left leg over my hip. Grinding her ass into my groin, Honey’s moist left hand suddenly grabs my hand pinning it to her breast in a painful grasp. She moves rhythmically in a very familiar way.

Ah shit! Honey is masturbating!

Honey suddenly tenses as she comes, silently screaming into the pillows. Embarrassed using the distraction of her orgasm I try to reclaim my hand.

As Honey’s orgasm fades, she releases my hand. I am sure that had there been any light my face would be bright red. Honey rolls onto her back and looks me square in the eyes. I do not see shame on Honey’s face, only after orgasm contentedness and something else I cannot place.

“I am sorry Ruth. I know that we are not like that. I was raised to believe that being gay is wrong. But after Adela’s comments yesterday, it got me to thinking. I have been so horny lately! Before the cannibals … er, you know to me … I never even had a sexual thought.”

Honey pauses looking down at our legs still entwined under the bed roll’s covers. “When I woke this morning, you were holding my breast and it felt so good! I couldn’t help myself. I just had to ummm … you know.”

She looks at me, and I can see the tears brimming in her eyes. “You’re not mad at me are you? You’re not gonna toss me out?” the last part said in a desperate plea with tears welling in her eyes.

The poor child how confused she must be. I lightly kiss her cheek in a more sisterly way than how a lover would. I am grateful that Honey does not try to make it more than I intended.

“I am not mad. Shocked and a little embarrassed, but we shall keep this between us. I am with Shack and I never cheat on a lover. We are having a fight. I am thoroughly pissed at him now, but that does not mean that we are through.”

Honey looks at me her eyes shining in the dark tent. “I am so confused. I thought I liked boys you know before. But now I am not sure. My first time was so horrible! I find the thought of another man touching me revolting.”

“Honey, you would not be the first woman to turn to her own sex for love because men mistreated her. Oh, God Honey. I am sorry, but I am really out of my element here. Maybe you should talk to Doc. We do not have a shrink in the camp, but I suppose Doc is relatively close. If not perhaps Pastor would talk with you. Honey, did you practice a religion before KCAP?”

“We’re sorta Lutheran, before my dad left us. After that, mom tossed herself really hard into the church, dragging us to every church meeting and prayer service. I think she went kinda nuts.”

Honey looks down, and sniffing says, “Ugh I need a shower. I smell like sex and sweaty woman.”

I briefly consider telling her that it is not a bad smell, but fear that she may take it the wrong way. Her sense of smell I understand is also much better than mine. I briefly remember something Doc said about cannibals having increased blood flow to the sinus passage area with a proportionate increase in sinus size.

We dress in silence. Honey wipes herself with an old dirty tee-shirt before donning her clothes. She appears slightly embarrassed. Her baby bump protrudes slightly over her waist.

Looking at me she says, “I am sorry Ruth” before she ducks out of the tent. Sighing I look over at my usual bed roll seeking my usual partner. I notice that Shack is already out of bed this evening.

Oh God! Did Shack hear Honey masturbating while I held her? Dressed I leave the tent to see what other excitement this evening may yet hold.

  1. medicine man permalink

    Damn Buddy, What a sensational move with this chapter. I hope that Shack and Ruth get back together. As a married man, I realize arguments are part of relationships but the Honey Doo!!! thing was really interesting.
    Time for some serious fighting action considering the convoy losses from the last attack, I would hope we will see some serious payback if there are any others left to deal with.

    By the way, who the Hell were the last attackers? Maybe I missed it, apologies if I did.

    Great work as usual, 51 degrees this morning but always gets back into the low 70’s by afternoon.

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks for your continued readership and comments.

      The last bunch of attackers were a mysterious, bikeresque gang. They will not be returning as the convoy wiped them out. There is some more combat coming up soon, but we have a Kayak Point trip, as well as some more encounters with cannibals.

      It has been unusually cold but dry here. Crystal clear skies and 17 deg this morning. Yesterday was mid 40s and pouring rain which is common for us.

      Take care, I hope to have the next chapter posted on Friday again.

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