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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #125 Sedro-Woolley Zombies and Another FEMA Camp #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

December 7, 2014

Radio traffic has slowed considerably. I swear to God that I am getting man-like shoulders from cranking these fucking charging handles so much. The constant drone of the charger grates on my nerves.

We do occasionally receive an automatic radio station, sometimes on a lower AM frequency. A few of these old radio stations blast some of the classics. We have heard everything from Bach to Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Iggy Pop.

Shack and I have had a couple of arguments, mostly over stupid stuff. We have spent far too long cramped in this damn small radio shack staring at the walls and each other. Our arguments are stupid and over petty stuff. The make-up sex afterward is very sweet.

Shack is a very gentle and considerate lover, indeed the most considerate of my male partners since William. Shack takes direction well and never forgets how and where I enjoy being touched. It is exciting being with such a young and inexperienced lover.

The way Shack explores my body and the sheer joy on his face as he explores my most intimate parts turns me on to no end. The wonder on his face when he discovered that I am permanently hairless almost caused me to laugh.

He thought I shaved, waxed or something in the woman’s shower. When I explained to him that because of my Arab heritage, I had extremely dark and course pubic hair, the look on his face was priceless. I explained my hairless state, the dipilitation process and why I decided to have the majority of my body permanently dipilitated.

Afterward, Shack descended under the covers for a long period of exploring all the areas I had treated. Shack is not one for much pillow talk. We do talk a lot in the radio tent, and during most of the time that we are together. A frequent topic is the new personnel in the camp and speculating the date of our departure north.

Our new Scouts have completed their basic training. A few of these new Scouts are showing real promise while others Shack refers to optimistically as “probable zombie bait.” We did have our first Scout motorcycle fatality a few days ago. One of the new kids was going too fast and ran right into an enormous pack of zombies on the outskirts of a town called Stanwood.

The Stanwood zombies pulled him off of his motorcycle swarming over him so thickly that his buddies could not even see the poor bastard so that they could put him out of his misery before he was eaten alive. His screams were short-lived, thankfully as there were so many zombies that he was ripped to pieces in a moment. His death was gruesome and painful but thankfully short.

We found another FEMA camp near a small town north of here called Sedro-Woolley situated in and around what used to be the Sedro-Woolley High School. Typical of the day-late-and-a-dollar-short approach of FEMA, thousands of people gathered at the high school only to find themselves trapped with no means of escape.

Due to the wisdom of FEMA, refugees had to surrender all weapons, medicines leaving vehicles and any other means of transportation outside the beautiful, sturdy fence. When initially established the Sedro-Woolley FEMA camp was a model of order and neatness.

Some white coat bureaucratic jackasses even posed for large glossy poster pictures. We found those posters splattered with mud and blood on the ground and tacked to several nearby power poles.

The pictures show a bunch of smiling white coat assholes standing in front of the Sedro-Woolley FEMA center encouraging people to receive help from the government. The local population should have known better. Anytime a government says, “we are here to help,” what they really mean is “we are here to fuck you and everything else we can.”

From what I saw, the Sedro-Woolley FEMA camp disintegrated into mud, sickness and chaos in very short time. Once KCAP slipped into the camp, it was a death sentence for those gathered here.

FEMA’s plans were static and did not account for variations and changes in the situation or the specifics of the disaster. Trapped in the high school holding more than a thousand people, it was only a matter of time before the area was overrun by zombies.

With a thousand persons stuck in the high school buildings and grounds, it was fertile ground for the KCAP virus to spread. While we were not witness to the events that transpired there, viewing the aftermath was sickening enough.

Debris and remains scattered throughout the buildings and grounds attested to a panicked mob who crushed members underneath the stampede further trapping themselves inside the convenient zombie feeding ground provided by FEMA.

We are unsure if anyone survived and escaped the hungry hordes of zombies attracted to the high school. There were still thousands of zombies milling about the area. Every building was lousy with zombies. We did not lose any personnel clearing the Sedro-Woolley FEMA camp, but the expenditure of ammo was startling.

Back in those early days of the KCAP outbreak it seemed as if there was a never-ending supply of ammo. Today Iain and I carefully horde any ammo we have left. Iain has started flint knapping again, more as a hobby to pass the time he says more than anything else. Some of the flint and obsidian knives, arrow heads and ax heads are truly beautiful works of art.

Thankfully Iain works outside as the little stone chips are razor-sharp and penetrate even the stiffest boot sole. In the bunker, we mostly go barefoot. I shudder at what one of those razor-sharp stone slivers would do to my bare foot. Iain has quite a stockpile of flint and obsidian stones collected over the years.

We have modern arrows fired from crossbows and compounds, but it is nice being with someone who is so handy he can literally make weapons from rocks. While we still carry our guns we only use them if necessary. For one thing, we have a finite supply of ammo.

Another thing is that a rifle shot will echo around this valley telling everyone who hears it, living or dead that someone is alive. We do not want anyone to come exploring. The last time Iain and I went exploring we almost met with disaster, but that is a tale for another chapter.

Back at the Sedro-Woolley FEMA camp, once cleared of all of the zombies, we recovered a virtual treasure trove of supplies. Poor Jeff had to work his poor fingers to the bones writing all of the new supplies into his clipboard now bursting with pages of paper.

One of the oddest things recovered was a complete, fully loaded, and self-contained mobile embalming pump filled with 5,000 gallons of heavy-duty formalin. With an electric 25 horsepower motor capable of producing up to 120 psi of pressure, the device is truly monstrous. I do not even know what half of the equipment on the machine is for or what it does.

Doc explained to me that the mobile embalmer (apparently never used) was part of the FEMA emergency plan for disinfecting thousands of corpses. Once a person died, pumping the corpse full of formalin usually renders the body safe for Judeo-Christian burial.

These corpses never gave the FEMA people time to pump them full of formalin before they got the munchies deciding that eating FEMA personnel was a cure for hunger.

Gleaming in the sunlight like a stainless white elephant that damn stupid mobile embalmer now sits in the farm-yard. I suppose the Adventists might take some of the components off the damn portable embalmer.

Scavenging some of the hoses and fittings from the embalmer might give the Adventists repair parts for some mechanical device. I just do not know if it was worth the effort to haul the fucking thing here.

  1. Tim permalink

    Thank you. I feel honored. I also appreciate the update. The future Ruth stories show promise. I like it!

    • Thank you Tim. I liked your suggestion and it was something that I had planned on adding. Some of the automatic JACK stations will run as long as the generators hold out.

  2. Richard Moore permalink

    Thanks for continuing the story, I look forward to reading them.

  3. medicine man permalink

    Thanks for the new installment, the story is coming along fine and I enjoy each new posting. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas / Happy holidays to you and yours.
    It was 46 this morning, I could actually see my breath, or maybe it was alcohol vapors from the previous evening….

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