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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #120 New Arrivals in Camp, Relationship Trouble and Shack’s First Zombie Kill #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

August 18, 2014

The two new arrivals did not have anything interesting to say other than that they raided an old military museum which explains the presence of so many oddball weapons. Some of the weapons are not military though. The other adult male from the group, Craig, carries a shaved .455 Webley MK VI revolver that is able to fire .45 ACP rounds mounted in moon clips. Smart choice in weapon as we have a lot of .45 ACP ammo.

Craig also has an unaltered Webley pistol cylinder without moon clips able to shoot original .455 Webley reloaded rounds. The two boys believe that Craig does not have many of the particularly weak .455 Webley rounds. Most of the .455 Webley rounds might have corrosive primers and even perhaps black powder.

In keeping with his British theme, Craig also carries a STEN Mk V L52 along with a tan canvas British Sten bandoleer holding seven magazines. The Sten is an excellent weapon within its limitations. Craig found a friend in Bill and the two of them have been nearly inseparable. Bill said that at least Craig knows which way to turn a wrench.

Craig’s first assignment for us was to recover diesel and motor oil from the nearby hospital generators. Craig has also helped establish a temporary SARBOO (Search And Rescue Base Of Operations) post not far from the compound. The other male Scout leader I have not yet met, but I know that he has been stuck at the SARBOO with a few of the older boys and some of our Scouts.

With only about 20 women in the camp and nearly 100 men, the colonels wanted to reduce the chance of fights and spread the men out. There is some grumbling still about Bill having two wives (both of whom are now confirmed pregnant).

No one grumbles that Brenda took two husbands. At least I do not get propositioned as much as I used to. Looking over at Shack snoozing, I wonder if he is thinking about us and what happened this morning. I want to talk about it, but I am waiting for Shack to bring the matter up.

I hope that I do not have to worry about losing Shack to another woman now. While it is quiet tonight, I work on catching up on my journal. Shack told me the story of his first zombie kill. I will try to narrate it as best I can.

Shack woke up when his father left for morning PT with his former Army company. At this point during the KCAP pandemic it was already too late but no one realized it yet. Every city with a major airport had become a plague vector before the authorities were even aware that something was happening. Shack’s father taught high school on post. They were posted at Ft. Lost in the Woods, MO (AKA – Ft. Leonard Wood), where Shack’s mother, Joyce, was a Major teaching at the USAES (United States Army Engineer School).

Shack’s father was the junior minister at the Protestant chapel on post. Shack has not mentioned if his father held another job other than preacher. The elder Rogers, often jogged in the morning with several of his friends from his Army active duty days. Shack’s mom was a career Army woman, while Shack’s father only served his time to pay off his education debt. Shack was a senior at the post high school.

With mother and father out of the house early for PT, Shack’s girlfriend (who sounds like a real slut to me) snuck over for some early morning fooling around. Shack’s girlfriend would not let him penetrate her, but was game for just about everything else.

Shack noticed a small wound on his girlfriend’s wrist when she came over that morning but distracted by a stiff dick and a willing girl he did not think anything of it at the time. After fooling around with his lady, Shack pulled her into the shower for a good scrub.

While naked in the shower, Shack noticed that the wound on her wrist was now surrounded by black flesh and smelled like rotting meat. Thick black lines ran up her arm, which to Shack looked as if she was suffering blood poisoning. The amount of time was too quick for blood poisoning which usually has a fairly lengthy onset time. Shack mentioned that she should seek medical attention after which she pushed her way out of the shower sitting naked and dripping on the toilet.

Shack figured she was mad and continued luxuriating in the hot water. Shack is not sure how long he was in the shower after she got out, but he realized, after a while that she was no longer in the bathroom with him. Calling her name several times she did not respond. Shack turned back to the shower shutting the water off when suddenly the shower curtain was ripped aside his girlfriend leaping upon him.

Covered in fresh blood, his girlfriend ripped at his face snapping her teeth at him like a rabid dog. He noticed the hot sticky blood covering her naked chest and thighs which in their struggles coated him as well. Fighting off his girlfriend, he tossed her bodily from the shower.

His girlfriend falling from the shower, wrapped in the shower curtain struck her head on the edge of the toilet. Landing in a bloody crumpled pile between the toilet and shower his girlfriend laid still. Shack turned off the water and checking his girlfriend realized that she was dead. A large dent in the side of her head matched the shape of the toilet. Worried that he had just killed someone, and what his parent’s reaction was going to be to a dead, naked girl in his bathroom, (and his likely punishment) he noticed her bloody tracks in the hallway.

Following the bloody footprints, Shack traced his girlfriend’s steps to his little brothers’ room. He would not describe what he found, but he said that his much younger twin brothers were both killed by his girlfriend. Overcome with grief at the loss of his young twin brothers Shack sat in  the hallway outside their room crying. He did not hear his father enter the house until the older Rogers was violently shaking him by the shoulders.

Dragging a naked and bloody Shack into the shower, and turning on the cold water, Shack’s father checked him for injuries. Shack’s father was yelling at him, but Shack was too numb to respond until Shack’s father slapped him hard, twice across the face.

Now pissed at his father, everything came out in a rush. The Army post, despite its remoteness was already overrun. Any organization was long gone, with most senior officers either missing or killed. With a large transient population of soldiers, KCAP ravaged the post before anyone even knew what was happening.

Shack told me some more of that hectic time, but I need to leave off on my journal as the survivors living in the old casements of Fort Casey State Park on Whidbey Island have called on the radio again. The next entry I will explain how we met that bunch of survivors, but for now I need to wake Shack and get him to help me answer the radio. I am glad to see they are using the radio gear we gave them.

Damn batteries are nearly dead again. Shack better get cranking.

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