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The 8 Best Guns for Zombie Apocalypse – Guns & Ammo

May 23, 2014

This was supposed to be my Freakin’ Friday post last week. Work and family have kept me from the keyboard.

Read over this list of eight guns from the experts at G&A. Tell me in the comments what you think should be added or subtracted from the list and why.

No trolls or flaming each other please.

After all, we know that the flamethrower is one of the worst weapons to use in a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies trying to eat you are bad.

Flaming zombies attempting to eat you are so much worse.

The 8 Best Guns for Zombie Apocalypse – Guns & Ammo.

  1. Bob permalink

    Threaded barrels and suppressors.
    Need .22 caliber weapons, and ammo.
    Ruger 10/22 and MKII bull barrel are excellent hosts for suppressors. Silencerco Sparrow 22 comes to mind.
    Same for the M4. ACC 7.62 sdn-6 suppressor works on the Rem 700 .308 too. One suppressor for 2 guns.

    Same for pistols. Glock 17&21 would share a Silencerco Osprey in .45 cal. Just need threaded barrels. Lone Wolf is OK.

    Optics seem to be left out. An Aimpoint T-1 would be an essential on the .22’s. Works great too on M4’s and shotguns. ACOG or variable on the M4.
    Nightforce to 10x on the .308

    Night vision capability is to be acquired ASAP. Too important. And batteries. CR123. TLR-1 lights fit everything and use a common battery.

    Random thoughts are random

    • That is OK Bob, I am glad that you enjoyed the post. The post was meant to be thought provoking about what guns you might use, not necessarily the final word on weapons.

      Improvised suppressors are something that I think most would have to resort to using. Most of us to be legal or for financial reasons do not possess suppressors.

      Optics were left out since the G&A article was concentrating on hardware. Optics in a zombie apocalypse have to be super tough and have the ability to be powered by a very common power source.

  2. Hey Allen, been a while…
    I liked Bob’s comments…a lot. And while the original question wasn’t on optics or suppressors, with his comments and little research, I learned quite a bit. Thanks.

    Definitely agreed on the Ruger 10/22…or perhaps an AR-7, or Marlin Model 60. I like the take-down abilities for the 10/22 Take-Down model, and the AR-7.

    And continuing in that direction, my favorite combo is the Glock 17 and Kel-Tec Sub 2000 in 9mm. I can use the same 33-rd extended mags for both. The extended mags are about $26/ea, delivered, if you shop a little. The Kel-Tec is easily upgraded with a lot of accessories. The Red Lion front rail is the best, tho’ a little pricey, But with the Glock/Kel Tec combo, it can all be kept in a back-pack, with a LOT of ammo. And not a a large back-pack, but a tactical back-pack.

    Certainly the AR-15 is great. The FN as recommended. Uh, no. Ammo is not common. Parts aren’t common. It’s tacti-cool. But no more. If the bullpup style is desired, get a Tavor. About the same cost, and still common in ammo and magazines with any M4/AR-15.

    Lever guns…I dunno. I don’t own any. And I haven’t read any stories with somebody using one. Not sure where the recommendation came from. I can understand the desire to be able to use pistol ammo in a long barrel. (See Glock/Kel-Tec comment above)

    For shotguns, the Remington 870 is great. I wish they at least gave a comment on the Mossberg 500. Essentially equivalent.

    Finally, I really like my AK-47. Ammo is cheap. Magazines are cheaper. The thing will still shoot rocks I drop down the barrel after I drop it in the mud. Not great long range, but adequate. Ammo is heavier…OK, if I want to tear up zombie parts. In your story line, the AK is definitely useful for “infected” type zombies as compared to “dead” type zombies.

    • Thanks, there are plenty of guns mentioned in my stories. I thought I might have added a lever gun or two in there – I will have to check.

      AK is certainly rock solid dependable, but accuracy is so – so at longer distances. You can’t beat an AK for close range punch though.

  3. Bob permalink

    Hi greeneyedjinn,
    Colt lost the contract to make M4’s to FN. The FN M4 still follows the TDP, and Colt is paid a royalty. The FN parts I own are the equal of the Colt.

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