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First poll for Ruth’s tales – tell me what you think

May 2, 2014
  1. medicine man permalink

    I enjoy the mix of action in this story. I think the author does a fine job of mixing all aspects of TEOWAWKI together and the story has an excellent flow, along with interesting Mil equipment descriptions and also those of a medical nature. Anyone can describe graphic killing of zombies and associated gore, anyone can sex it up to the max.
    This story incorporates just enough of all for this reader.
    Good work!!

    • Thank you M.M as always for your astute input. Some of the other ZA stories I have read are nothing more than a string of very graphic (if amusing) zombie kills.

      For me I enjoy telling the story of the survivors. How the survivors deal with the new world and each other is what interests me.

  2. medicine man permalink

    Thank you Sir,
    As I explore various Zombie /apocalypse tales from many different authors, I find myself clicking off of the story when it runs directly into the same descriptions of killing the creeps, why the creeps are here and sadistic treatment of survivors. I like a story that goes above and beyond the baseness that a majority of the stories have. You have taken the time to hit each point with actual knowledge on the parts that we know, you go past that when you describe the nature and the physicality of what a zombie could be.
    Hats off as usual, you really do your homework i.e.”oligodendri… (can’t finish that one but it is a true part of the brain)…. gene splicing, virus engineering… I could go on and on. Sorry for that part of me.

    • Thank you M.M. One of the aspects of writing this type of tale that I enjoy is the research. The internet is a fabulous tool for research but it has its pitfalls for someone with an active imagination.

      Laurel K Hamilton said it best when she was describing researching 17th century underwear. She spent four hours reading an interesting piece about a new T-Rex skeleton discovered in China, but zip about the underwear she was supposed to be researching.

      I too have the same problem when researching on the internet. One of the many reasons my local library is one of my favorite haunts is with a book I cannot get distracted by the new, shiny T-Rex skeleton.

      Although one of the librarians did mention to my wife that I check out the oddest books …

  3. Richard Moore permalink

    I understand you desire feedback to refine your writing; however, I wouldn’t change a thing. This entry had the right balance of sex, gear, and violence. Keep the entires coming please, I’m really enjoying them. Thanks

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