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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #111 Moving the Adventists to the farm, blending the groups #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

April 28, 2014

Shack’s and my radio watch that night was rather subdued. We heard repeatedly from the crews tasked with cleanup and removal of the cannibal’s bodies the complaints about the lack of bleach. Getting splashed with the bodily fluids of zombies and cannibals carries little risk of infection.

Still, it is unsettling knowing that there is even the slightest chance of infection. Most of the convoy crews are issued US Army standard combat eye protection. The eye protection does not extend to the mouth, so most of us wear a bandana or something around our face. I wear one of my shemaghs (or keffiyeh as I prefer to call it) at all times now.

My favorite dark green and black patterned keffiyeh is the one that I wear the most. Shack wears a dark red with a black pattern shemagh, alternating with a dark olive colored keffiyeh depending on laundry. The keffiyeh has been standard issue to almost all troops serving in arid environments. The US Army began issuing keffiyehs after the first Gulf War.

The US Army continued issuing keffiyehs since conflict in the Middle East is as frequent as their involvement in them. The keffiyeh protects the lower part of the face.

As Shack and I are settling into our bedroll, he kisses me lightly on the nose. My hated nose. It is bad enough being both Jew and Arab, two of the most despised ethnic groups, but gifted with a nose like that from an anti-Semitic cartoon caused a lot of discomfort during my youth. I once seriously considered having a plastic surgeon “fix” my nose so that I would look more goy.

I ultimately decided against the plastic surgery, not because of the expense, but because of my lover at the time, William, who convinced me that he loved my huge nose. Shack and I collapsed into bed; we were dead to the world until Carol came to wake us for our watch in the radio tent.

The next few days were a blur of activity. Sam, Jamal and Jeff worried about the amount of diesel and used motor oil burnt in relocating the Adventists to our farm. Sam promised dire things if Pastor and his crew welched on the deal for methanol. Bill was adamant about blending the methanol with both the diesel and the used motor oil being able to stretch both.

Used motor oil is still plentiful, but our Scouts have to range farther acquiring it. The trucks still smoke like a bastard, but it is better than burning the precious diesel. After some maintenance, the MGS and mortar Stryker were returned to their undisclosed camouflaged location. As far as our Scouts and siege leaders could tell, the cannibals were completely caught off guard.

Best estimate is that fewer than 10 cannibals escaped from the burning building, with six of those possibly wounded. In the following few days after the siege, Scouts discovered a total of four dead cannibals. Due to the severity of the cannibal’s injuries, and the obvious fact that cannibals, zombies and wild animals fed on the corpses, it was hard to determine if the dead cannibals were from the burning Walmart wreckage.

I learned in the few days immediately following the attack on the cannibal’s enclave that a family of four, two adults and two children were found dead. This would not normally be news except for the fact that the family was found face down with their buttocks hacked off.

Have I become so inured to death that I take the death of a family as trivial? I was at a lost as to why this was important until Pastor enlightened me.

The human gluteus muscle is one of the largest and softest in the body, prized by the cannibals. The cannibals enjoy the human gluteus for its delicate taste and soft consistency. The human gluteus muscle is also one of the easiest and quickest to remove. The cannibals also were known to take the human gluteus and grind it.

Apparently some of the Adventists group were fed tainted sausage and hamburger that the crafty cannibals had blended human meat into. Pastor laments that a few of the cannibals had once been part of his group until they started displaying some of the unpleasant aspects of secondary KCAP infection. Unfortunately, Pastor departs this information while I am eating.

I quickly lost my appetite, storming out of the farmhouse calling Pastor many things, none of them pleasant. Shack catches up to me and wisely remains silent as I head for our bed. I pass one of the large olive drab tents erected over the transplanted methanol works. Pastor was right, God the stench that rises from the methanol plant. I also met both of Brenda’s husbands.

The two husbands could not be more different. One of the men is tall and swarthy while the other is short, but built like a fire plug nearly as round as he is tall. I would not call the short husband fat, but rather solidly big-boned. Both men seem to take their marriage to the same woman in stride.

Prurient thoughts about bedroom arrangements aside, Brenda and her husbands seem content. I have heard several times how women are in such short demand that monogamy might not be possible. Sam and Jamal are not going to force any copulation, and agree to let nature take its course. We are free to make whatever arrangements we like.

I learned yesterday that Junior and the Mercer Island Princess’s eldest daughter have been sleeping together. Normally this would have been met with disgust and legal action but today we shrug and try to keep living another day.

The Roman siege engines are added to our other defenses around the farm. I learned that the Roman siege engines were constructed on the neighboring abandoned properties away from where the cannibals might have seen them being built. Our Scouts bring wood and other supplies back from their daily missions.

As Shack and I curl together in our bedroll, I wonder what the Scouts may find today. I fall asleep with Shack’s right hand on my right breast.

  1. medicine man permalink

    My friend, This story, from the very beginning to where it resides at present, was NEVER in a rut. Your creation of this tale and the ongoing chapters are well written and at no time, did I get bored reading it.
    Ruth’s large nose was most likely a delight to Amy and her other female lovers. Hell if she looked as you have portrayed her in the story and in my minds eye, I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed because of it.

    Now brass tack stuff… how about taking a small family type grouping of the QRF (Male/Female) and a couple of the young scouts to act as kids, put them into ragged clothing and secure them into the shack or another cabin nearby . Use them as bait with another QRF group that will go after the cannibals dipshits when they go to gather gluteous maximus from the supposed “Family”.
    Just an idea.
    Keep on keeping on, you are doing superbly.
    Summer is knocking on our door, Hot as hell down here and it is just getting warmed up.

    Blessings to you and your family,

    • Thank you M.M as always your comments are much appreciated. I had not thought of using a QRF team as bait – an intriguing idea. I will have to consider it and look at some of the future conflicts I had planned.

      Still late spring here, we finally getting some solid sunshine. Almost into the 80s here a near heat wave. Already seeing shirts off and bathing suits. Have to be careful though because the lakes and rivers are full of snow melt in the high 30s. Every year someone drowns because of the cold water.

      Blessings to you and yours as well,

  2. medicine man permalink

    Steve, Sorry to the other posters but I forgot another issue that totally chimes in with the cannibals interaction with our convoy of humans.
    I really think that Sara’s Kcap/human baby needs to go.
    You described the way of thinking that came from the bull cannibal (Rest in Hell Cauley) towards the remaining humans, it was one of superiority and derision. The human survivors were viewed by the cannibals as weak and merely a quick meal.
    This babby could give you a tremendous amount of content for your excellent story.
    Maybe I am wrong to suggest killing the baby now, maybe you should sequester the demon away and see what he becomes of it, sounds like some good evaluation of the Kcap/humans that are obviously growing in number ( Cauley said they enjoyed sex. Sex = children) . I think I am done now, Just for now…

    My “thrice damned” A/C unit is running a lot more than I want it to , but I wouldn’t trade our comfortable winters for what you guys went through .

    Waiting patiently and remember…. There is ZERO RUT FACTOR to this excellent creation of yours.

    My hat is off to you, be well.

    • Tim permalink

      I see the baby as a link to the cannibal collective hive mind. The baby is maturing at a very fast rate and at some point could provide feedback on the hive. The baby is instinctive now but as it matures will become one of the members with a pre disposition to Not be a cannibal based on association with the humans. By analogy, pit bulls. If raised correctly they have a fabulous disposition. Just don’t piss them off.

    • Thank you M.M. The KCAP baby is going to be featured prominently in coming chapters.

      I would much rather be cold than hot. I much prefer our cooler summers and colder winters than the heat you get. Too many years spent in the Middle East. I hate the heat.

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