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Blogging From A to Z April 2014 Challenge – Why I Chose Not to Participate #atozchallenge #blogging

April 1, 2014

AI decided not to join the A to Z April 2014 blog challenge.

Don’t get me wrong – I would like more followers and readers.

A blog challenge is a great idea for those who have issues generating content for their blog. I do not suffer from lack of ideas for my blog. I suffer with a lack of time to blog as often as I would like.

It would be simple for me to come up with several of these A to Z posts. I have many old dictionaries and books dedicated to English words long out of use.

If you have read any of my writing before, then you are probably aware that occasionally, I will toss in a word that is long out of common usage.

I decide to occasionally, toss in a disused word for a few reasons (listed in no particular order):

  1. The words I choose are ones that are unlikely to come up in another post. These old words make it an easy way for me to Google it and see if someone else is using my writing, but claiming it as their own. (It has happened to me before.)
  2. Using such an odd word often forces my readers to Google it or look the word up in a dictionary. I often get called out on the word as well, which tells me people are actually reading my work.
  3. It is just plain fun to use old words. One of my favorite books for finding rare and much out of common usage English words has long been “Depraved and Insulting English” by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea.

One has to be careful using these words, less we are accused of “talking down” to others or “showing off” our education. My goal using these words is not to belittle people, make them feel stupid or to show off my education.

I will enjoy reading other blogger’s A to Z April challenge posts.

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  1. I’m not familiar with the A-Z Challenge, but it does sound like something designed to boost awareness for little known websites. I’m curious in knowing what the content of the posts will be like in the later half of April for those bloggers who are not used to a routine. Other than that, seems like a positive initiative.

    • I agree that it does, overall, appear to be a positive initiative.

      I like the fact that they are attempting to weed out the commercial “buy shit” blogs. It might drive more traffic to a few sites, but with 1k+ bloggers supposedly signed on, how many of those are going to be able to post six days a week?

      It would be interesting to see how many of these blogs were able to successfully post all 26 days.

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