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Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #94 Settling on the farm SHTF & TEOTWAWKI

January 25, 2014

“It is really hailing out there hard now,” the youth says. “My older brother and I did pretty good this morning shooting rabbits. We hope to get a few more. Oh, by the way, supper tonight is something called sugar spiced fish. It’s some fresh salmon we caught in that creek marinated in sugar, salt, and dill. Sounds ok.”

Finished loading his rifle, the youth ducks back outside into the driving hail. I have never tried sugar spiced fish before. But as he said, it does sound good. The fish has to be better than some of the other things we have tried to eat. Most of the convoy is ultimately sick of reconstituted peanut butter.

Shortly after the Remington armed youth departs, Nikola returns carrying a pair of plaid plastic Thermoses. Flopping into a folding metal chair next to Carol, he pours hot Spruce tip tea for everyone. Sipping the shitty tasting hot tea, I choke on it as Carol punches Nikola lightly on the shoulder loudly announcing that thanks to him she is still dripping. God, the woman, has no filter between her mouth and brain.

Looking at me, Carol blurts out, “You know this guy actually wants to marry me. I mean really, the whole shebang. Priest, rings and everything. He’s Orthodox but says that any priest will do.”

Nikola for his part wisely remains silent donning headphones and fiddling with the radio tuning knob.

“Looking for Latakia again?” Carol asks sweetly. Nikola nods his affirmative, sipping his tea. I am somewhat familiar with Latakia, Syria as it was the home of Russia’s largest foreign electronic eavesdropping facility. Anyone of worth in the intelligence community should be at least passingly familiar with Latakia.

Latakia is one of post-Soviet Russia’s worst kept secrets. I had not heard that Nikola was familiar with the old Russian base or that we had contact with it either. I watch Nikola fiddle with the radio dials for a while. I wonder what prompted Carol to ask her question. Carol, never one to remain quiet, answers my question.

“Nikola was able to talk to Latakia for a little while last night. He knows a few of the people there from his days in the Russian Navy. From the poor bastards stuck there, we learned a little about what is going on in the Middle East. Near the Med, the zombies are very bad. In the heart of the desert, the zombies cannot survive. The heat and lack of water kills the fucking zombies but not quite as quickly as we would like.”

Carol glances at me and then at Nikola. Carol raises her red bushy eyebrows at Nikola, who shrugs at her. Obviously the couple is considering something concerning me. After their last little performance and Carol’s admitted hedonistic leanings, I worry what they might be.

“Ruth there is no real easy way to tell you this. Latakia said that, most likely it was Iran, which had taken the liberty of dropping a small tactical nuke upon Tel Aviv. Someone again most likely Iran, also dropped a neutron bomb upon Jerusalem. Latakia did not have any more information about Israel. I am sorry.”

I am shocked but had been expecting something such as this to happen for some time. Most Israelis understood that it was just a matter of time before one of the Arab countries surrounding our home acquired a nuke. I had already assumed that all of my family in Israel was already dead.

At my shocked sigh, Carol picks up the same trashy romance paperback novel she has read several times by now. Any book or magazine is of interest now as there is no TV or other electronic media to provide visual pablum. Minus electronic entertainment, kids who would have never touched another book in their life once out of school are suddenly voracious readers.

Any book or magazine is valued, from the classics to any trashy romance novel or adventure epic. The lads are reading the poems of Homer the Iliad, and the Odyssey as well as Shakespeare. I have been trying to get through a battered ancient paperback copy of The Quest by Wilbur Smith. The book just has not grabbed my attention, so I am looking to trade for something more to my liking.

I admit to not being much of a reader until the zombie apocalypse hit. Now I try to read something just to pass the quiet hours. Suddenly devoid of electronic entertainment reading has resurfaced as a major interest. Shack suddenly steps into the tent carrying the hand cranked battery charger.

“Man it smells like pussy in here,” Shack remarks; mister tactful. Carol blushes prettily, and then ducks her head behind her paperback book while Nikola does not even bother to acknowledge Shack’s comment. Shack drops the charger on the floor extending its legs so that a sitting person can crank the handles.

One of my least favorite chores is turning those damn handles. It is a necessary evil so that we can keep our purloined bank of automotive batteries charged. Shack hooks up the battery terminals to the charger. Grabbing the yellow Fluke meter Shack then checks the battery bank power level before muttering to himself and flopping into a chair.

Shack is obviously tired. He smells of wood smoke and sweat. I notice that Shack’s knuckles are split and torn from his fight with Scarecrow. Stretching almost to my limit I touch Shack lightly on the arm.

“Come with me bubele let us go get those hands taken care of.”

Turning to look at both Nikola and Carol, I decide on a course of action whether they like it or not.

“I am taking Shack over to the medical tent. Then we are going to grab chow. After we eat, we will come back to spell you guys so that then you can eat. And for the love of God, try not to be fucking again when we come back, please. Oh, and has anyone seen Shen today?”

Standing behind me Shack mutters, “Fucking?”

A prettily blushing Carol speaks from behind her book. “Shen has been chasing that black cook for a while. You might see him while you are eating. Just look for a horny Chinese guy with his tongue hanging out and a hard-on.”

I pull Shack from the radio tent by the hand. Proceeding across the muddy compound heading for the medical tent, we walk silently holding hands. Suddenly Shack grabs me by the shoulders. Yanking me into the shadows beside the red brick chimney underneath the eaves of the white farm-house, he pushes me into the corner.

Shoved against the rough wooden house wall, I feel the cool, gritty wooden planks of the house siding against my back. Shack crushes my lips with his swallowing my groans of pleasure. His ardent kissing sends shivers through my body. Shack’s kissing has improved significantly as he proves keeping me pinned to the wall.

Next chapter: Will Ruth and Shack finally make love?

  1. medicine man permalink

    Yes!!!! Bu only when our fine man of the spin, decides so. Keep up the good work. M.M.

  2. Good job! Keep up the great work!

  3. medicine man permalink

    “Old MacZombie had a farm, E I E i O”, “And on his farm he had some cows and a barn E I E I O”, “And in his barn he had loft full of Hay, E I EI O”, Maybe that’s where Shack get’s Laid, OMY OMY RUTH!!!!!!

    • There is a barn, but the hay is not something you would want to have sex within. I have some surprises in store for our star couple along with some other interesting additions.

  4. medicine man permalink

    I was thinking of some nice fresh cut red clover or alfalfa hay but you are right on, the left over hay would probably be pretty disgusting and full of possums,rats or even worse, crawlers.
    How about ,after the next shower day, in a secluded forest area, by a clear running stream with some clean blankets and some alcoholic beverages on the side?. Of course after a strong perimeter check by our soon to be lovers?
    I am sure you will tidy it up to where we all wish that we were Shack & Ruth, making love, the new lovers in a fallen world. Carry on my friend . Last week Wednesday, we had the heat on @ 42, this Wednesday @ 82 and A/C on. Gotta love Fla… M.M.

    • You will have to wait until the next chapter to see how Ruth & Shack handle their situation.

      It has been unusually cold & dry here.

  5. medicine man permalink

    How do I check out your fellow ZA writer Jack Flacco?
    I also enjoy the stories from Ponyboy who I found in
    One who has written a tale very close to rival yours is Kathy from Fla who wrote an awesome epic ‘MJOTZY”. Her journey through the ZA was with a strong emphasis on Family values and a virtual cookbook for the ZA, or even today if you like home growing and cooking with natures bounty, especially when Foodmart is closed due to creepie critters serving aisle “A”
    . The dude that wrote “Alpha Dog ” was cool and included a few pictures, one of a Zombie office chick who was probably very hot before she was bitten and also his dog “Pedro” who died from old age. I wish he would have finished his story differently, I think he could have added a few more chapters as he was a survivor who “Bugged In” and told his tale from across the pond.
    There are few really good writers of the ZA that go past the easy way of describing the Zombie Apocalypse situation, but You are one that I really favor , you go into the places that most avoid or are too busy with blood & guts, to make the impact of the surviving cohesive persons in the story who are living their lives. I do admire the way you have told the tale of Ruth.

    Raining today “Thursday the 30th” and not expecting any cold weather here, maybe 60″s in the A.M. and 80″s in the afternoon.
    Be well amigo! M.M.

    • I have a link to Jack Flacco’s blog in my blog roll. Most of his ZA books can be found on Amazon Kindle.

      We are finally getting some rain but it has been colder than usual in the mid ’30s. Drier than we are used to as well.

      I appreciate all of my reader’s kind comments on my ZA fiction. I wanted to write something different than just more creative ways to kill zombies. I also avoid going into all of the descriptions so that my ZA fiction does not read like a video game of nothing but unending zombie kills.

      I do however have a few creative zombie kills in my ZA fiction. I thought using the hay bale marshmallow spike on a tractor to gather zombies was creative.

      I appreciate your kind comments M.M. and hope you and your family continue to do well.

      New chapter will be posted tomorrow after work.

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