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Writing Research: Sword Fights

January 22, 2014

Some very good points in this blog. Since a rather tall and furry character in my Ruth story wields a large sword, there might be some kernels of advice in this post.

With the prevalence of the Walking Dead and the young black woman who so adroitly swings a Japanese katana I imagine that we are going to see more swords in future zombie apocalypse fiction.

One factor that I touched upon early is the quality of the large bladed weapon. I am not into the Walking Dead all that much (it’s ok but not something I am going to go out of my way to watch), so I cannot remember the young black woman’s name who uses the katana.

The young black lady not only must have had some training with that unique sword but the sword must also be of particularly good quality.

My characters have suffered numerous broken bladed weapons, especially the cheap POS made in China cheap knock offs. If a zombie apocalypse looms, buy good quality bladed weapons that will last.

And finally – learn to care for your weapons!

Writing Research: Sword Fights.

  1. The writing research page offers great insight into writing. As someone with a literary blog, I’m always looking for new techniques of writing and ways to see the craft. Love it!

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