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Zombie Apocalypse Fiction – Ruth’s Story #86 Birth of the Twins, Camp Life TEOTWAWKI, SHTF

November 30, 2013

After a few moments of shocked silence, the Princess casually mentions that the twins were dichorionic. Each twin had its own placenta. The Princess also mentions that the KCAP infected twin’s placenta was significantly larger and thicker, requiring Doc Jamal to use a scalpel to free the child.

The larger child also had a greater volume of amniotic fluid in its placenta. The KCAP infected child does not have any teeth yet, but does possess some wickedly sharp black finger and toenails. It is also a biter, painfully clamping upon Doc’s finger when he checked for any obstruction of the child’s airway.

By the time the Princess talked to us in the radio shack, Sarah had already delivered her second child, also a boy. Although much smaller than his older brother; weighing a mere five and a half pounds, the second child appears healthy. The second baby boy is not infected.

Despite his much smaller size and weight, the second twin is as active as the first. Doc mentioned to Terrance that he wished that he had access to better medical instruments. There is a small possibility no matter how slight that Sarah’s second child might be immune to the KCAP virus.

Doc mentioned that he might be able to cobble together some simple tests using blood from the younger child. While there is an extremely small chance the younger baby might be immune, Doc feels that he might be our best chance for finding a cure.

After the births, Doc made sure that the young mother was comfortable as could be, and left the medical tent to talk to Sam about making sure the youngest child is protected. Doc left the young mother in the care of our only surviving Air Force PJ, Terrance. The Princess also mentioned that Sarah was joined by Gennady, our youngest Spets lad.

Gennady and Sarah have grown close and have become one of the camp’s “recognized” couples. I have not spoken to the lad, but I understand from camp hearsay, that Gennady is also the youngest of all of the Russian lads. Besides his mother’s tongue, he speaks fluent English, French and German. Gennady is also a member of the last Spetznaz class graduated before the shit hit the fan.

On his right hip, in a scuffed brown leather flap holster Gennady carries a battered Beretta M1951 Brigadier 9 mm pistol. Nikola mentioned one evening that Gennady’s pistol was a gift from the lad’s grandfather who served in Afghanistan. The Beretta Brigadier pistols are very common in the Middle East and are somewhat similar to the later M92 pistols.

Gennady is the only Spets lad to carry non-Soviet issue weapons in a Western caliber. Sarah’s Russian boyfriend carries a suppressed, ancient Czech Sa 25 submachine gun. A faded tan cloth magazine bandolier originally designed for carrying five 30-round Thompson submachine gun magazines, slaps against Gennady’s left hip.

I believe that Gennady has many of the 40-round Sa 25 magazines as he has cut the cloth flaps off of the Thompson magazine pouches to fit the much longer Sa 25 magazines.

The Sa 25 submachine gun is a decent submachine gun that predates the Uzi by many years. I have never fired a Sa 25 as they were very rare by the time I served the IDF.

The main fault of the Sa 25 series of machine guns is that the fire selector is determined by length of trigger pull. A short trigger pull releases one shot while a long trigger pull to the rear of the trigger housing puts the gun in automatic fire mode.

The problem with a trigger operated fire control selector is that, under duress, a panicked user of a Sa 25 may bury the trigger, quickly emptying his magazines. A manual fire selector separate from the trigger is much preferred and has proven to be a more reliable system.

I wonder where Gennady got such a unique and rare submachine gun. I imagine that he brought it with him from Russia when the Spets lads bailed. Gennady is one of the few Russian lads I have seen around camp but have not talked with yet.

Gennady spends most of his time serving with the Scouts during the day beside Sarah’s younger brother. From camp gossip, I understand that the three youths have grown close. Gennady has been an asset with the Scouts. He has become the de facto Scout sergeant, leading the Scouts in the field.

Rumor has it that Gennady and Sarah are no more than a year or so apart in age. Since Sarah will celebrate her 17th birthday in a few months, I guess Gennady is around 18 years old, making him one of the youngest Spets I have ever heard of.

I cannot fault Sarah in her choice of lovers as Gennady is very easy on the eyes. Standing near six feet tall, with a swimmer’s body, hazel eyes and shaggy light brown hair, Gennady possess a wide open face, honest face.

Gennady smiles a lot revealing several missing teeth. I am glad that Sarah has found someone to make her laugh. I am not sure how the young couple will deal with the twins, which adds a severe amount of stress on top of everything else. For a while, Sarah will have to be watched closely both for medical complications and to ensure that nothing happens to her or the children.

Surprisingly neither of Sarah’s children cried when delivered. Other than being tired, and in pain, the young mother appears healthy and in good spirits. Her youth is a great advantage for Sarah’s survival.

The Princess mentions casually that the KCAP baby boy is a lusty feeder clamping onto Sarah’s tits like a starving fiend. They had to wrap the little monster’s paws and feet with Ace bandages to keep the little bugger from scratching his mother.

The poor mother cannot feed her children together. The larger child flails his arms and legs attempting to dislodge his smaller brother. The KCAP child can drain both of Sarah’s tits. The little monster howls like a demon if Sarah does not let him empty both breasts.

The KCAP child also howls like a mad banshee when removed from his mother’s arms. Unlike his larger pale brother, the smaller child is quite passive and quiet. If it were not for the fact that he appears otherwise healthy his silence would be worrisome.

The second twin has a full head of blonde hair and startling blue eyes. His elder brother has the characteristic KCAP cannibal bald pate and inky black irises. The Princess also mentioned in parting that it is hoped that the older twin, barring greater KCAP infection, does not succumb to the worst aspects of his father’s disease.

From what little we know of the KCAP cannibals, if the young boy is not subjected to greater amounts of the virus, the boy should not succumb to the disease. We know so little about the KCAP virus that anything is a guess right now.

The Princess stated that quite a crowd had gathered around the medical tent. There was some scattered applause when Doc mentioned the successful births and survival of the mother. Doc only muttered “quiet you fools!” in response to the clapping and dispersed the crowd with some abrupt and politically incorrect hand gestures.

Births are exceedingly rare these days, so I suppose any birth should be celebrated. We have buried far too many friends.

As I head for our bedroll, already feeling the effects of a long night combined with a belly full of warm food washed down with hot mint tea, I lean on Shack. His large, solid warmth is comforting. As I am short enough to tuck underneath his armpit, Shack wraps his right arm around me.

Shack’s M4 bumps against my shoulder while we walk. I am still surprised that Shack carries an ancient, battered H&K 416.

Shack and I are both right-handed, so I suppose that I am on the wrong side should the shit hit the fan. I do not really care at the moment. I just want to go to sleep. I feel as if I have sand buried in my eyes. I wish that there was a quicker way that I could get to bed after driving all night, but we have to establish a defensible position when we stop for the day.

The Roman legions made similar defensive fortifications each night when they were on a campaign. The Romans walked all damn day and still had the energy to put up a full palisade. I suppose if the Romans could do it without the benefit of modern tools, than we can do it, as well. Our defenses are untested so far – thankfully.

Stripping in our tent beside our cot and a very tempting looking US Army issue ECWS sleeping bag, I realize that Shack is surprisingly quiet.

“Something on your mind?”

“I was just thinking about Sarah and the twins. Do you want children?”

Holy fuck! Where did that question come from?

“I have not given it much thought lately because right now, I am more concerned with surviving. Before the KCAP pandemic, I did not ever want any children ever of my own. I believe that I lack the mothering instinct and would not be a good mother. Since the majority of my lovers have been women, I did not see pregnancy as a possible complication. Perhaps, in this day and age, I might have to rethink my position on children.”

“So you want children now?”

Shack raises his bushy eyebrows at me. I wonder if he wants children. I have never asked him. This is the first time as far as I remember that the topic has come up between us.

“I am not sure, Shack. Right now I am too tired and cold to think about having any children of my own. Even if you crawled into this sleeping bag with me, as tempting as it would be, I would rather cuddle and sleep beside you rather than fuck. I am just not in the mood.”

From Shack’s pained expression, I see that I have hurt his feelings. I lightly place my right palm against the stubble of his right cheek.

Bubala, I am sorry I did mean to hurt your feelings. At your age, the wind blows, and you get hard. I standing naked in front of you, dressed only in a tight, small, thin white cotton wife beater tee-shirt, am enough to excite you. Believe you me; in the right time and place, after some sleep, and a hot shower, I will rock your world.”

“You promise?”

Shack’s large hands come to rest on my ass cheeks. Pulling me against him, I can feel the soft but hard length of his erection. I have some fleeting second thoughts about not jumping Shack’s bones right now. That is until Carol and Nikola burst into the tent, clothes flying while trying to consume each other’s tongue.

The amorous couple only pauses long enough to make sure that their weapons are positioned ready close at hand before Carol flops upon their cot naked. Carol upon her back, toes pointed to heaven, spreads her legs out wide before raising them straight over her shoulders in a most inviting way.

She must have been fairly limber at one time. The telltale way that Carol has pointed her toes indicates to me that she has had some training in either dance or gymnastics. The pale creamy ivory hue of her skin greatly contrasts with the dark woodland camouflage ECWS sleeping bag upon which she lays.

Nikola, I see for his part, does not even bother removing his boots or trousers before slamming himself into Carol in one hard plunge. To take a full thrust without any lube or foreplay, Carol must have been already very excited. Nikola’s nice tight pale ass quickly covers Carol’s huge fiery red bush that runs from her hip bone to hip bone.

Nikola is not as pale as Carol, but redheads are almost always very pale. Their child should have very pale skin, as well. The smell and wet sounds of sex quickly permeates the inside of the suddenly far too small tent.

Carol’s ecstatic cries of pleasure quickly rip through the tent. I am sure that she can be heard throughout the camp. I can see that Nikola can no longer lie flat upon Carol as her baby bump has gotten too large.

Nikola is in a modified push up position. I watch the muscles flex in his biceps and ass as he furiously thrusts into Carol with a wet smacking sound. He is definitely not taking it slow. Carol appears to like the fast speed as she encourages Nikola to thrust faster and harder.

“Not shy are they.”

Shack turns bright red and starts to open his mouth to say something in retort when from outside the tent someone shouts.

“Fuck her already and shut her up!”

Well that outburst confirms my suspicion that Carol’s exuberant cries of pleasure can be heard throughout the camp.

“Shut the fuck up! I’m trying to sleep!” Someone else shouts.

Carol is suddenly muted, and I look behind me to see that Nikola has clamped his mouth firmly upon Carol’s mouth, eating her happy cries of pleasure. I see, however, that Nikola’s eyes are directly locked upon my bare ass.

He realizes that I have caught his staring, so he averts his eyes back to Carol’s flushed red face. Dropping to his forearms, Nikola continues slamming into Carol with gusto pointedly looking at Carol or closing his eyes.

Now I am a little embarrassed. I twist in Shack’s arms enjoying the smooth slide of his calloused hands around my ass to glide over my hips. Shack’s arms are long enough and his hands large enough that with his hands on my hips, his fingers almost touch over my mons.

I suddenly feel a flooding warmth of desire as Shack nibbles my neck pushing my pony tail aside.


“Shack what is wrong?” I ask worried, desire suddenly fading.

“Stabbed myself in the fucking eyeball with your God damn hair pin. Fuckin’ lethal. Some Casanova I am.”

I turn around to see that Shack has his right hand to his face rubbing his right eyeball. I give him a good snog, and then climb into the bedroll. Sliding into the cold sleeping bag, glancing to my left, I see that Nikola and Carol have finished. They are still lying together making the beast with two backs.

Nikola is supporting himself on his right arm while gently stroking Carol’s breasts with his left hand. I see that Carol’s breasts have gotten significantly larger than when I first met her. The heavy dusting of freckles across her cleavage and up her neck seems to have darkened.

Or is it her excitement that has caused Carol’s freckles to stand out so much I wonder. I have not known too many red heads, but like most everyone I have heard the general assumptions.

The expectant couple is talking quietly, but far too low for me to hear even as close as I am. Second trimester hormones must be making Carol really randy. They fucked earlier today during the midnight rest period. That time, Carol, sat on the driver’s seat while Nikola stood on the ground in the open driver’s door.

I am glad that they are happy together. You need to get any happiness and pleasure you can right now. There is far too much ugliness in the world now. As the sleeping bag warms with my body heat, I start to get dozy.

Shack kisses me again, a slow lingering deep kiss. His kiss comes with a small amount of tongue that has me rethinking my decision not to pull Shack into the bag with me. It would serve Nikola and Carol right if I popped Shack’s cherry right now.

“I’ll see you later. Sleep well.”

With a light peck on my lips, Shack stands and walks out of the tent into the light falling hail. After a few seconds, Nikola follows him securing the tent flap behind him. As I start to fall asleep, I realize that Carol is already snoring. Bitch.

  1. phil.evans permalink

    good informative chapter with a scary birth child.- a portent of what is to come?
    It’s time ! – Shack needs to get laid by Ruth.

    • Ruth and Shack will get together in good time. Thanks for reading and commentating. I appreciate all the comments I receive.

  2. medicine man permalink

    Wow!!!. a great description of the twins differences, You really do your homework and I enjoyed the description of how it could be possible, but I still have nagging questions about how the hell could one kid be a KCAPPER and the other not? Single Placentas still bug me as ( Blood, Platelets ,fluids ) all goes through mom Sarah, How is mom not infected? Maybe as you explained, is it that the rate of infection has been greatly “watered down” Shit, I don’t know but you are still running a fine race with all of the other TEOTWAWKI writers out there. Your story has such a unique flavor that mixes all aspects of human turmoil , yet brings folks of different upbringings together to work as a family. I salute you Sir.
    Thank you,

    • Because the twins were a dichorionic diamniotic (DCDA) twin pregnancy is a type of twin pregnancy where each twin has its own chorionic and amnionic sacs. Sarah had two different eggs fertilized by two different sperms from two different men. Because Sarah’s children are the result of an hours long gang rape, two vastly different men fathered each of Sarah’s children. The amniotic sac is a wondrous device. that separates the mother from the bloodstream of her children. The mothers and babies blood does not mix or circulate together. The umbilical cord attaches to the placenta. The placenta is the “container” that keeps the baby “isolated” from the mother. The fetal blood flows through the baby, out the umbilical cord to the placenta and no further.
      The placental membrane separates maternal blood from fetal blood. The next chapter will go into some more details about Sarah and the children.

      • medicine man permalink

        thanks for the info, I thought that the babies were connected to the mom. I admire your study of these important parts of human or” KCAP” birth. Fine work my friend. Can’t wait for your next chapter. M.M.

      • Thank you, M.M. Next chapter will be posted late Saturday night (PST) after I get home from work.

  3. medicine man permalink

    BTW… I have found some really cool accounts of Zombie activity from the Civil War days. Let me know if you haven’t seen it yet and would like to check it out.

    Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
    Great steamy account of times in the tent… be careful Nicola ! Just…
    the strawberry patch.


    • Zombies in the Civil War sounds like Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. Give me the link though as I am always looking for inspiration.

  4. medicine man permalink

    I will have to check that one out (PP&Z).
    I found this particular story by searching “Zombie Stories” on MSN. I went to to Zombie and found a lot of tales, one was “Damn Yankees” by ponyboy314. I also found a story on the same site named “7 Bullets” Check em’ out if you wish. I can’t remember which one was the best. The story of the U.S. Marshall turned Zombie killer was amazing, I just can’t remember which one it was. I enjoyed them both. Looking forward for your next chapter and hope you and family are doing well. MM.

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