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On Hiatus For A Little While

January 25, 2013

Folks, I have to take a brief break from writing these stories as I have the opportunity to get my old job back. No worries, the Ruth stories will continue, and some others that I have in the works, but for now I need to concentrate on my career (or lack thereof). Like the great general said “I shall return!”

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  1. Good luck! (you putting a uniform back on?)

    • I hope to return to the Washington State Department of Transportation. As far as the military, there is no chance short of an alien invasion or a true zombie apocalypse of the Army ever calling me back to serve. As much as I wish I could still be in the Army, my injuries and illness preclude that ever happening. I miss the Army every day, but my time is done.

  2. greeneyedjinn permalink

    Good luck! (are you putting a uniform back on?)

  3. Bagman permalink

    I have followed this from the start, thanks for the enjoyment.

    • I should get some more posts up soon but I have to put my best foot forward getting my old job back with the WSDOT. After that (which is this coming Tuesday) while I wait for results, I can get cracking on some more Ruth posts.

  4. Best of luck with the job. We will wait for you as loyal followers (of Ruth’s Story) do.

  5. Tim permalink

    It was a good run while it lasted. Best of luck! I will check back periodically for updates. Thanks again.

    • I am not abandoning this story, but I cannot fulfill my every Thursday goal at this moment. I try to keep my posts up but right now I have to concentrate upon the possibility of a job more than writing fictional zombie apocalypse.

  6. How’s about, before you take the time you need for the job, you send us a quick synopsis from the eyes of the Vice Pres? something quick and to the point as to where she is now, like a departing type of snack for us?? if not then it’s O.K.
    Thanks for all of your fine stories about Ruth and the characters in the convoy. You really busted hump and did a fine job.

  7. Nancy Klune permalink

    Good luck with the new/old job. We’ll wait for Ruth to go active again. 😉

  8. Guido permalink

    Good luck with the job opportunity. :beer:

    I hope you have some time to fit in some Ruth updates.

  9. ruth fisher permalink

    Just finished chapter 75, will look forward to future installments—great job

  10. Larry Bryant permalink

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading the story thus far. Best of luck to you in work and your life. Look forward to seeing a continuation of the tale, but understand your life must take precedence.

    Be strong and persevere.

    • Thanks for the comment Larry. I am editing the next chapter and will have it up by this weekend. I did not get my old job back (yet) but I have been busy with so many other things that take time from my writing. I am glad that you have enjoyed the story, please check occasionally for more chapters.

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