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10 Most Annoying Zombie Cliches – Guns & Ammo

June 5, 2012

10 Most Annoying Zombie Cliches – Guns & Ammo.

This is a pretty decent article. If you write zombie fiction how many of these cliches have you used? I saw a couple that I know I used.

  1. In WZF, I’ve only just now (in the latest book it’s 6 months post apocalypse) started to talk about decomposing zombies. I’ve had enough fun talking about gory half-chewed people, haven’t had to go to bloating and maggoty. Although I did have a zombie that spent the North Carolina summer in a black car in the 2nd book, but that was in September (in the book), and the outbreak happened at the end of May.

    I’m somewhat guilty of ‘all cars have keys’, although I’ve never had the keys left in the ignition (except once the heroes use the car, they always leave them in it), the keys are always somewhere nearby. On a zombie, hanging on a peg-board in the kitchen, etc.

    • In my earlier stories about Ruth she had to find the keys at the rental place. So I tried to avoid the “keys always there” cliche. My KCAP virus outbreak is more staggered with someplaces like Asia and Europe much farther along than some parts of the US.

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