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Writing – Help! I am addicted to Post-it® Notes!

May 23, 2012

Looking around my office work place, I realize that I have about a million Post-it® Notes of all kinds, various shapes, sizes and colors. Most of the Post-it® Notes I have are used for marking books that I use for reference in my writing and taking notes in my 20-or so note books when I have an idea.

Before the advent of the wondrous and extremely useful to the prospective, writer Microsoft® One Note 2010 program, I used thousands of Post-it® Notes that are still stuffed in books, magazines, and my collection of deteriorating steno note pads scattered around the house.

I always keep at least one pen and a small note-book with me to write ideas whenever they may strike. All of my little steno notes pads are heavily festooned with Post-it® Notes in a jumbled hap hazard mess that only a savant may be able to discern.

I tend to favor the more traditional square yellow Post-it® Notes but also have ones in fluorescent colors, and pleasant earth tones. I have never found a Post-it® Notes that I do not like as long as it is sticky and has room for my near illegible scrawl.

I have Post-it® Notes made from recycled paper, paper from Earth-friendly eco sources (sugar cane waste, kenaf, etc.), and Post-it® Notes from the most destructive eco destroying companies on the face of the Earth.

I have large 5×9 lined Post-it® Notes for making detailed, long lists, and little tiny Post-it® Notes barely able to hold one line of text.

I know that I am seriously OCD, which has gotten worse since the onset of PTSD, but I still collect Post-it® Notes in an ever-growing collection despite my excessive use of them. I have enough Post-it® Notes that should either the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, a black swan event, or even another Carrington Event, I still have enough Post-it® Notes to last me for a while. I may run out of reading material though.

Even with the advent of Microsoft’s One Note 2010, I still feather books, magazines and steno note books with lots of Post-it® Notes.

What are your favorite Post-it® Notes?

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  1. I tend to like the lined mini-page notes, which are like a small notebook page, with adhesive. With a good bit of OCD myself, the lines help keep my writing organized.

    • Yes I like the lined ones too because they help me write neater so that later I am not looking at this unintelligible ink blob that looks like a Rorschach test and atttempt to decipher my scribblings. Sometimes I feel like Rimmer taking a test and want to write “I am a fish.”

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