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Adding a FAQ, please leave suggestions and comments

May 1, 2012

I will be adding a FAQ and other tabs to the blog soon as I am learning blog and web page construction as I go along.

If you have suggestions for the FAQ or have questions that you would like answered, please let me know.

I will also be adding tabs for character bios, what you need to know, a page for the KCAP virus, and others as they either come to me or someone makes a good suggestion.

These tabs are a work in progress I will update them as I go along.

  1. phil evans permalink

    you are still the best going for appropriate detail.
    stay on message.

    i’m reading ruth’s and union creek.

    union creek has lost it’s way;- dis- com-bom-ulated.
    started out great, now into a morass.
    forgotten “who is on first”
    too many tentacled stories.
    akin to a russian novel(i.e. the don flows to the sea).

    • Thanks Phil you might want to tell Toby over at UCJ you have lost the thread. I am concerned I might lose people too if I wrote too many concurrent stories – which is why currently there are only two concurrent stories on my blog. I originally intended to write two concurrent stories, which the first Ruth story I posted here is the first. Then I decided to concentrate on one character at a time, keeping the story a little simpler. That is why the first Ruth story, which takes place nearly six months after the current stories, seems so out of place.

  2. John permalink

    I second that sentiment. I haven’t looked at a UC story in weeks. Which reminds me that I need to unsubscribe from THAT automatic email update and only then have to look for THIS story’s update.

    • Toby is a nice guy over at UCJ, I am sure if enough folks tell him that the story is getting too murky, he might give a rehash. I know the UCJ is available on the Kindle (not sure about Nook or other e-readers) so if you want you can d/l the whole thing at one shot. That might help you keep track of the UCJ story. I have not considered offering my stories on an electric device other than what is available now, but in the future who knows. I am attempting to expand my own blog with a FAQ first then more later.

  3. I only wonder…if this was a book, would it be 3,000+ pages? Is there an end to this story? Perhaps a companion story will follow, like the excellent (but unfinished) “Boy” which followed the fabulous “Girl” series, found in the Fiction section here:

    • I have read the Freedom Hold Ranch fiction and hope that some day they might continue the “Boy” story. As for my own stories, I had not thought of an ending yet, but if it were to get edited into a book there is a lot that could be trimmed to keep if from being a 3,000 page monster. Companion stories, AKA concurrent stories, might follow or be posted at same time, we will see how things play out.

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