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Fiction – Ruth’s Story Part 13

January 25, 2012

I do not want to stand on the counter. Standing will silhouette me against the windows. With the sunshine streaming through the windows I will cast a long shadow even as small as I am.

Standing on the counter to shoot Hertz zombie sounds like a good idea at first until I realize some of the finite difficulties with the idea. I am sure I can make the shot. It is after the shot and the results of that shot that concern me.

Splattering Hertz zombie’s brains all over the inside of the Hertz counter is not something I desire. These 9mm Hydra-Shok hollow point bullets tend to make a real mess. I do not wish to dig around in that mess looking for keys.

Pondering my dilemma I leap over the counter again. I was never a gymnast that was Amy’s passion as a girl. I do move pretty well though. Now standing outside the car rental counters I take a quick look around.

I do not see anything moving other than Hertz zombie who has followed my every move. He is now lunging over the counter, putting most of his upper body on the counter attempting to reach me.

At least Hertz zombie is not making as much racket now. Thumping up against the counter, Hertz zombie is vainly trying to reach me. I walk closer to the counter while looking around the baggage claim area.

Hertz zombie is tall, over six feet by a couple of inches. Inches or a foot does not matter because he is not getting out of the booth. I notice that Hertz zombie’s arms are nearly completely out of the booth at his maximum reach.

Sliding along the side of the Hertz rental booth, I contemplate an angled shot upwards. An angled shot upwards through Hertz zombie’s head has the same problems as previously considered shots.

As I stand beside the Hertz counter I see Hertz zombie is a bit confused and not sure where I went. So the zombies have some memory because he is looking around trying to see me.

Patting my Browning Hi-Power to make sure it is secure I grasp my Cold Steel special forces shovel with both hands. Jumping in front of the counter within Hertz zombie’s reach he lunges for me as I chop at the side of his head swinging the shovel like a hatchet with both hands on the handle.

Swinging for the fences, I bring the small shovel smashing into the side of Hertz zombie’s head. I misjudged how quickly the zombie moved. My shovel went under his chin burying itself in the zombie’s neck with a meaty thunk.

The momentum of the zombie’s body causes him to crash into the counter again bumping into me. Other than a few twitches, Hertz zombie lays still with my shovel buried in his neck.

Leaving my shovel where it is for now, I wipe my sweaty brow on the back of my hand. Killing zombies with a shovel is not as easy as with a fire axe. After a moments rest, I yank my special forces shovel out of Hertz zombie’s neck. Or rather I attempt to.

Damn shovel is now stuck in the fucking zombie’s neck! Climbing on the counter but staying low on my knees, I straddle Hertz zombie. Placing both hands on the wooden shovel handle I wrench the shovel free. Looking at the dead zombie I see that I nearly severed his spine. If I had more room to swing, I probably would have took his head clean off.

I contemplate hitting the zombie again for good measure but decide it is not worth the effort. Looking behind the Hertz rental counter, I see nothing else amiss and leap into the space behind the counter leaving the zombie where he is.

Damn drawers are locked! Now where are the keys? A quick search behind the Hertz counter reveals no keys. However I do score a small brown sack lunch. I’ll look inside the bag in a moment. Name on the side of the bag says “Dale.” I wonder if that was Hertz zombie’s name?

Patting Hertz zombie’s body I find a small set of keys in his right pants pocket. Score! The keys open the drawers and I once again start collecting car keys. I concentrate on all the smaller cars.

One of the sets of keys perk my interest. The key is to one of the new super and turbo-charged diesel, four-door Smart cars. The diesel Smart cars are brand new and supposed to get over 70 miles per gallon. I put the key to the Smart car in my shirt pocket as that is the one car that I really want.

Taking a quick look into the small brown sack lunch I see a disgusting moldy sandwich in a plastic bag. Beside the moldy sandwich is an equally moldy and shriveled apple. Dumping the small bag out on to the counter reveals the other contents. Other than the moldy apple and sandwich, a small sealed pack of Wrigley’s spearmint gum, and a small Kit Kat chocolate bar come tumbling out of the bag.

Opening the Kit Kat bar I see that although it is a little melted, it is still good. I have never really been that fond of chocolate. I much prefer either caramel or vanilla. Amy however, was a chocolate fiend, especially during her menses.

Finishing the Kit Kat bar, I decide to have a smoke and observe from my vantage point. Leisurely smoking one of my cigarettes, I watch carefully for anything moving in the baggage claim area. My view from here is much better than from my little sanctuary.

Looking around the baggage terminal, I still do not see anything moving. Finishing my cigarette with a final, deeper lung filling drag, I flick it in the corner of the counter not bothering to crush it out. I put the sealed pack of Wrigley’s gum in my shirt pocket next to my smokes.

Leaping the counter while exhaling smoke through my nose, I decide to leave Hertz zombie laying where is. No need to waste energy moving him.

Quickly scooting to one of the support pillars, I look around again. Predators are attracted by movement. Standing still a minute and blending my profile with the pillar I might be able to spot a zombie before it spots me.

After waiting a few moments, I still do not see anything moving, so I briskly walk across the baggage claim area heading back for my little sanctuary. I also want to stop and get those Doc Marten boots from grunge zombie.

  1. BobOK permalink

    Thank-you for your story. I check here every couple hours, hoping for an update or something new.

    I’m addicted.

  2. I check every morning. Thanks for the updates. I look forward to seeing where this story goes!

  3. So are these zombies slow stumblers (sterotypical), somewhat fast (Walking Dead), or superfast (I Am Legend)? Is the general trend to make zombies faster?

    • You are going to have to wait and see. I will break down the zombie types later. Generally people seem to prefer (at least in movies) faster, increasingly powerful zombies as that makes higher excitement in movies. In print things can go a little slower to build suspense.

  4. nancy permalink

    Meh, I’m not crazy about the runners.
    But I am crazy about your story. Thank you.

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