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Interesting site on the unintentional consequences of fiction writing

January 10, 2012

My wife came across this site while looking at the Burke Museum in Seattle. With the entire “Twilight craze” it is a shame to see that the Quileute tribe that features prominently in the books is reaping no benefits from the books. You would think that there would be some PR stoolie that would make sure the tribe that all the tourists are going to be interested in meeting is happy.

Unintentional consequences of fiction writing are not something that I ever considered. I hope that I do not cause similar unintentional consequences if I was ever a successful fiction writer.

Perhaps the author of the Twilight series would have been better creating her own fictional tribe of werewolf Native Americans rather than butchering one of the Quileute tribe’s legends. Interesting that the site compares what the author of the Twilight series did to butchering the Judeo-Christian Genesis fable.

Go check this site out about the Quileute tribe’s problems with the Twilight books:

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  1. There’s always a degree of risk associated with basing a fictional character(s) on an actual person(s) or a fictional story on actual events. I’ve seen a little bit of it in my own writing.

  2. You certainly have the gift for writing. You would think in our stories as “improbable” as they are, we would not run the risk of angering someone that we based a character even loosely upon. My Ruth character’s personality is based on a good friend and former coworker. So far she seems happy with the character. An early draft made Ruth a real callous bitch. My friend’s suggestions helped me visualize things from a female perspective, which is completely different than males. I tease some people that I meet that they should be careful or they will end up as a character in one of my stories! Of course this backfires as most say “cool I want to be a zombie!”

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