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Even more thoughts on blogging and this whole social media thing

January 8, 2012

I have had this blog for a while now, and I am pretty much learning as I am going along. Thanks to my friend Keli (with an “I”) for encouraging me to write more.

Judging from the spam I am getting I guess my blog falls pretty low on the Google Search ranking. I am not willing to add a whole crap load of weasel words, or HTML to the blog so that no matter what asinine thing you might type in a Google search my humble little blog will get found.

Since I am not attempting to make money or support my family with my little slice of blogger miasma, I do not feel the need to “cheat” and boost my numbers by having a whole bunch of crap on my blog. I hope that people will find my blog eventually.

Sure I would love more readership, and followers but in the scheme of things I have not been doing this very long. Social media is content driven. If you want more readers you have to improve the quality of your content.

I started a new class today at the University of Washington that deals with writing and self editing. It is expensive, but I hope the investment in my personal growth will result in better quality writing on the blog which will attract more readers.

One of the most interesting things of the class today was some of the guest speakers. I would never have thought of some of the possible job opportunities.

The guest speaker that I enjoyed the most was the one that had the most obscure editing job I have ever heard about – editing the Pokémon game. The fellows name was Mike Ryan and certainly was the highlight of the day. Mike Ryan was one of the most interesting and funny speakers I have heard in a long time.

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  1. That guest speaker Mike Ryan does sound that he would be interesting. I remember watching Pokemon with my little brother back in the day (we’re 13 years apart).

    To get blog hits and a following is a VERY slow process, but it will come in time. I’m new to blogging as well–I just started in November. Patience should definitely be our best friend in the blogosphere.

    Hope your class works out for you.

    Keep smiling,

  2. My little one blathers on and on about pokemon cards: almost as much as about Star Wars Legos. Those card get way more scrutiny than most printed material.

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