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Thoughts on writing and blog entries

December 9, 2011

So I am not by nature a brief writer. I tend to write very lengthy wordy stories. From what I have learned in my internet and world wide web classes is that brief is better if you want people to read your material.

I once had a friend whose dream was to start a role playing game company. Unfortunately his company also suffered the problem of short attention spans. He learned the hard way that you cannot drop a 600 page pen and paper table top role playing game and expect people to actually read it.

The most consistent question we heard was: “when was the game going to come out on (insert favorite console gaming platform name)?”

So back to my blog and posts, I struggle keeping them short and I could easily flood my blog with lengthy long stories. I do not desire to drive away readers who are turned off by very long sections of text.

Any other writers or someone else in the blogosphere have any ideas?

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  1. Personally I like lengthy details on the right stuff!! For instance how you described the axe in part 2 was great. It depends on what your describing however. I don’t want a entire paragraph on a bottle of dasani, that is aqua blue, nearly half full, has a blue cap, the stickers half ripped off. Who cares? Its a bottle of damn water…. Get what I mean?

    I think the main thing on describing something, is do you want the reader to “see” what your describing or let their imagination take over? Now if your describing how the suns reflecting off the brass thats getting chucked out of a m4, spitting 750 rounds of hornady 62 gr. hollowpoints, which are yawing 1 1/2 times apon a headshot. Which causes it to explode so bad that its shrapnel, is ripping other zombies eyes out, fucking awesome!!! Hope this helps!


  2. I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for putting up.

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