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Writing Zombie Fiction

November 8, 2011

So I have been working on my “Zombie Apocalypse Novel”
now for a couple of years. Not something that I am really serious about getting
published, and as a matter of fact will probably begin posting some chapters
here as I edit and format the text.

I have a tendency to “puke on the paper” and then trim
away all the excess garbage. Many times I find myself rather wordy, or I wrote
something that I understood, but the reader has no clue what I mean.

My zombie novel is something that I poke at as a fan
of the genre and a creative writing exercise. I have gotten ideas from all kinds
of places, but one that I did not expect was from “Guns & Ammo” the great
firearms enthusiast magazine.

A few weeks ago G&A had a small article about
zombies and it got me thinking how mainstream the whole zombie thing has really
gotten. Hornady even loads “Zombie Max©” ammo just in case the hungry dead
actually do rise to snack on their neighbors.

One thing about the G&A article that got me
thinking was whether or not the zombies in my world are exothermic or
endothermic? For those of you that slept through Science class, that means do
the zombies generate heat or not?

It depends on how the zombies are created. If your
zombies are of the Voodoo variety, they are probably exothermic. If your
zombies are actually dead; but infected with a living, intelligent (and hungry)
virus, then they could be either endothermic or exothermic.

My zombies are also a mix, some being endothermic and
some being exothermic. In my world, the virus that has caused the dead to rise
is a mutated bio weapon that accidentally got loose, based on a mutated virulent
strain of rabies, combined with some other nasty stuff.

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